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Quicksand - Mickey Rooney & another Cagney of the female kind


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This little gem was really entertaining, has anyone else seen it..

Mickey plays a big sap ala Burt Lancaster, and theres a female Cagney in it..

Peter Lorre also

Not a bad way to spend 78 minutes...

I bought the DVD on ebay for 75 cents, his photo was a stock photo of the DVD of Alpha, turned out to be another company, but still ok nonetheless :)

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Lol, yeah I saw it.


What a sap he was!


He started out "borrowing" just $20 from his boss' cash register, then within a couple of days he is on the run for murder and armed robbery!


All of that over a blonde dame he wanted to impress on a date.


Lol, many men are saps for blonde dames.

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She was a femme fatale of sorts, but he brought it all upon himself. He really had rotten luck...the only good luck he had was that the owner of the car store was alive...

after being to choked to death with a phone cord....and he had a lawyer as a hostage to get to Mexico,,,

This was an odd but fun movie

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May I resurrect this thread? I just watched my second bad copy (aren't there any good ones?) of this fine movie. Poor Mickey makes one mistake and it snowballs like crazy. I love a story like that. DETOUR light! The extreme low budget merely adds to the charm of this sharply written, precisely executed thriller. Who hasn't considered, if not acted upon, an impulse that might have led them down a dark and regrettable path. The clever plot takes Mickey, and the viewer, from one event to the next, with no time to think about the consequences. Whatever you're going to do, do it fast! Life can be like that. That's the appeal of the scenario in fiction. It's exciting.




As others have mentioned, things work out a little too conveniently in the end. Unlike DETOUR or CRISS-CROSS, the avalanche of circumstances finally crashes into good fortune, and our hero is pulled from the quicksand. It's a little forced. But the damage is minimal. The overall tone of the film is lighter than that of its dreary counterparts. A marginally happy ending is not all that out of place. Life can be like that too.


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