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Riffraff - Pat O'Brien, Walter Slezak and Jerome Cowan


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Who knows or can always articulate or explain why each of us really likes or loves a certain film or movie star or genre, etc.


But I really enjoy the movie "Riffraff", starring Pat O'Brien, Walter Slezak and Jerome Cowan. I think it was an RKO movie.


Anybody else out there in TCM fan-land who likes this movie, too?


I wish TCM would hurry up and show it again... Hint, hint!!!



San Diego, CA

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Jerome Cowan (1897-1972) is hardly a household name but his face has filled so many back-scenes in a lot of important films. He's got 200 credits in his IMDB listing, starting in 1936, and his second film was Fritz Lang's 1937 YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE with Sylvia Sidney, Barton MacLane, Chic Sale, Margaret Hamilton and that Fonda fellow, He was the short-living Miles Archer in Bogart's MALTESE FALCON and there's hardly more than a year or two that he's not in some significant film.


TCM showed his starring CRIME BY NIGHT (1944 with Jane Wyman) and I was impressed with his ability to lead a movie, to play Jane's straight-man.


RIFFRAFF is a film I've only seen twice over the decades, and it's always been a good model for the "hard boiled detective film".

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