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Humor Thread- Replace movie titles with the word buttcrack


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Okay, before the criticism hits the fan....I used to get a huge kick out of this with a co-worker/friend of mine..take a title & replace it with the world buttcrack..

We used to laugh our **** off

Some examples -

Maltese Buttcrack

Buttcrack of the Sierra Madre

Buttcracks from Outer Space

20 Million buttcracks to Earth

the Amazing Colossal Buttcrack

the Angry Red Buttcrack

Not the most dignified, but if there is a chuckle and a few giggles and a few laughs ultimately this thread did what it was supposed to do

Bring out smiles because life is too short to be serious all the time or unhappy.

:) Just have fun with it..


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LOL these are great....

Forbidden Buttcrack

Day the Buttcrack Stood Still

Hold that Buttcrack

Love from a Buttcrack

Tales from the Buttcrack

I was a Teenage Buttcrack

Creature from the Black buttcrack

The Hands of Buttcrack

Buttcrack love

Buttcrack City

the Monster from Piedras Buttcrackus :)


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The Miracle of Morgan's Buttcrack


It's a Wonderful Buttcrack


Buttcrack on 34th Street


Raging Buttcrack


Buttcrack Runner


Buttcrack Wars


A Buttcrack Under the Influence




Forrest Buttcrack


Black Buttcrack


Japanese Buttcrack


The Seven Buttcracks


Gone With the Buttcrack


I Love Buttcrack


Back to the Buttcrack


Some Like Buttcrack Hot


Gentlemen Prefer Buttcracks


The Seven-Year Buttcrack

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The Buttcrack King




Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Buttcrack and Find True Happiness?


The Incredibly Strange Buttcracks Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?


Die, Buttcrack, Die


Burn, Buttcrack, Burn


The Fall of the House of Buttcrack


Buttcrack Film


A Buttcrack


Fred Ott's Buttcrack


I'll Never Forget What's'isbuttcrack


Buttcrack Greeting


Falling Buttcrack


...I could go on forever... ;)


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Buttcrack With The Wind

Seance On A Wet Butcrack

Hail The Conquering Buttcrack

The Uninvited Buttcrack

The Night Has A Thousand Buttcracks

Since You Went Buttcrack

A Long Days Journey Into Buttcrack

The World, The Flesh And The Buttcrack


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Hell's Buttcrack

Mark Of The Buttcrack

The Blue Buttcrack

Red Headed Buttcrack

I Am A Buttcrack From A Chain Gang

The Scarlet Buttcrack

The Petrified Buttcrack

The Wicked Buttcrack

The Public Buttcrack

Pandora's Buttcrack

Buttcrack: Shame Of A Nation

Birth Of A Buttcrack

Laugh, Buttcrack, Laugh


lol this funny, but yet again I have a soft spot for Juvenile Humor.

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The Cook the Thief the Wife and his buttcrack

the Lost buttcrack of Sinbad

The Phantom of Buttcrack

Godzilla vs Buttcrack


James and the Giant Buttcrack

Buttcrack a go-go

Son of Buttcrack

The Buttcrack wears Prada

I made this thread strictly for laughs and I figured Id get some criticisms, although I did not expect an attack of younger generation, that is really rich & I look forward to when all the old values,old timers get moved over for a younger hip generation..

My answer to my critics is this :

Kiss my buttcrack :)


Keep the buttcracks coming

ManEater of Buttcrack :) whooohoooo

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