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A Girls Folly (1917)


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Cute little silent from director Maurice Tourneur; "A Girls Folly" (Paragon Films 1917) which takes us behind the scenes to watch him mock the disarray in early film-making; the speedy assembly of a set, the workings of the camera, the costume fitting on the cowgirl, and how the director impatiently coaches his cast like pawns on a chessboard. He tells the girl "you came in like a funeral" (lol) and tells the victim "okay now die" ... The procedure is a mirthful mess, until it's time to act and shoot, then the stagehands all stand around in total awe of the actors. It's quite humorous. One girl stands there with her finger in her mouth dumbfounded by the silly drama ...


When the crew goes on location to the country (uh, new jersey) and shoots a scene with scary indians, local farmgirl Mary (Doris Kenyon) is frightened and thus interrupts the filming, ruining the scene. The star Driscoll (Robert Warwick) makes apologies for her embarrassment and sorta suggests she try pictures herself which she cautiously does ...


The producers love her, until they see the rushes and she flops; her starry-eyed dream over. But she grows up fast and makes an amazing decision at the end that was wonderfully unexpected ...


Adorable film with cute title cards. A thirty-minute abridged kino edition shortened because of deteriorated footage, but very understandable and even touching as is. Doris Kenyon is quite charming as the naive ingenue swept into the excitement of it all, and although she acts in the style of the day, it's a convincing performance, easily capturing my heart in just a few minutes. In one great scene while crying alone, she scolds herself verbally which totally sold me. Also has Chester Barnett, Johnny Hines, June Elvidge as the unlucky girlfriend, Leatrice Joy, and Josef von Sternberg as the camera operator. Written by Frances Marion and scored simply but perfectly with a piano/violin combo by Robert Israel ...


It was so pitifully cute at the end, I cried ... Thank you David Shepard ...

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I have this one on a DVD-R with another movie. I am not sure which film, as it has been a few years? My copy is a Laser-disc transfer, and I have never watched it! I'll need to look it up.


Speaking of David Shepard, Very Big News, as He is currently restoring King Vidor's recently discovered long lost feature BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT (1926), Starring John Gilbert, and Eleanor Boardman!

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Gagman, I was reading through a Motion Picture Magazine and I thought you might be interested in an ad that I ran across for Bardelys the Magnificent:



Each tense moment holds you dream-bound.

The crushing kisses of John Gilbert

Stolen between duels ...

From languid lips of fair ladies ...

None fairer than Eleanor Boardman, heroine,

King Vidor has painted a flaming romance

From the vivid pages of Sabatini ...

The director of "The Big Parade"

The Star of "The Big Parade"

Together they have given the screen

Another immortal entertainment.


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - more stars than there are in Heaven


Here is a little bit of what the magazine wrote about the film in their review section:


John Gilbert as Bardelys is to be congratulated on a finished, delicate performance of a role that calls for finesse. For a swashbuckling romance of the middle ages, of the time of Louis XIII, I do not believe "Bardelys the Magnificent could be improved upon.


Sounds like a good movie ...

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