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SUDDENLY starring Frank Sinatra...


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Some like Frank Sinatra and some don't. But when it comes to movies, I do like him in nearly all those he has appeared. I think he was a very good actor who didn't get the full credit for his acting that he deserved.


Likewise, you can say what you want about his movies...some you may like better than others and some not. But one movie he starred in which ALWAYS stands out in my view as being a really good movie is the one titled SUDDENLY!


Description: Suddenly (1954) Frank Sinatra, Nancy Gates A psychopathic hitman holds a family hostage in the small town of Suddenly, California just so he can have a clear view of the president who is passing through town. His objective: to kill the president.


To me, this is Sinatra at his best acting. One forgets the wonderful singing voice he had and gets caught up in the drama of this man who is out to kill the president. And he is so convincing, I think. He honestly wants to kill the man and he does not care who he hurts and kills along the way.


This movie, which I taped, was on this week. I hope you saw it and if you didn't, then let me strongly recommend it for one of the best film noir gangster movies. It's a must see in my view.

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Hi SHolmes---I completely concurr and I wish a nice, clean print of this film would be managed one day---it's a superb and extremely taut, edge-of-your-seat drama. It's been in PD hades since Sinatra pulled the movie from circulation after hearing Lee Harvey Oswald watched this movie before he did the deed. Ironic, that makes two movies Frankie was involved with regarding political assassination which spooked him so much he put them on the shelf. Sterling Hayden co-stars.



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Frankie's "John Baron" sure ain't no "Tony Rome"! Sinatra could really swing from one extreme to another, playing loose, cool characters to psychologically unhinged. And then there were all those "naive" parts he played as a young man which I find so hard to believe in, having first seen him in his mature roles first. I remember as a kid thinking they were actually two different people!

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