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Need help with a rare WWII movie


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I'm trying to find a movie about US troops on patrol, that find a Nazi SS camp in a forest.


In that camp is a UFO and the SS are inspecting the UFO.


There is a gun fight of course and the US troops gets control of the site. They call HQ and the Army takes over the site.

I'm guessing that it was made in the early 60's and may have been in color.

I don't believe there were any big name stars in the movie. It was one of those Saturday TV movies we watched while it snowed.


Very few people I know saw it and those that did, could not remember the name.

Please help me if you can.


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Thanks, but that's not it

I was maybe 12 yrs old when I saw it and 1968 was much later.

i would guess it's an American made movie. We're talking a rare movie here.

My Bro-in-law (57yrs) is a BIG movie guy and he doesn't know it.

I would say it falls into the "Combat" TV era of movies.

I only saw the movie once/twice as a kid and never saw it after that time frame.

It may have been a flop.


We were talking about WWII pilots that saw UFOs during the war and my father told me about a test pilot that was flying a proto P51 with counter rotating props, he was working on in the closing days of the war, He reported a UFO sighting during flight, out of Cleveland Hopkins.

There were many people wondering if the Germans were more advanced than what we gave credit. The movie gave the impression we were fighting for alien technology.

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Could this have been a serial? Those were often edited down to feature length and would fit in a 2-hour movie slot with commercials. Flying Disc Man From Mars (Republic, 1950), which was edited into Missile Monsters (1958), has an ex-Nazi among the characters. The SS camp in the forest doesn't seem to be part of the plot, though, from what I can find on the Internet.

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