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Important women's films from the 30's


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Hi, I'm doing some research for a paper and i was wondering if anyone had an opinion as to what the most important womens films of the 1930's are? and why they are important? I was thinking maybe "The Women", "Snow White", "The Thin Man",and "Gone with the Wind". I know there are others i can't think of, i'm not as familier with movies from the early 30's. Any help would be welcome, Thanks!

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Interesting topic..

even though I didnt like the Women, it is easily an important movie since its an all women cast

I would say Mildred Pierce, the Damned Dont Cry, the Joan Crawford movies basically where she goes from 'rags to riches' but these arent from the 1930s

All this and Heaven Too is a good one

Gone with the Wind, Casablanca - this was the 1940s oh well, but it is a good one, Rogues Tavern

The Bride of Frankenstein ?

You made a tough assignment for yourself :)

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You should look into pre-codes(1929-1934) because a lot them tend to focus on women who are very independent, and they more or less go about their own way, and alot of them deal with women who use men along the way, which would be helpful in your research, To get you started I would suggest BabyFace(1933), and the documentary Complicated Women, and the book entitled Complicated Women by Mick Lasalle.

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The suggestion of reading Complicated Women is a good one. For my part, here are some particularly good examples of films from the early '30s with interesting roles/depictions of women that you might want to look into to see which ones would meet your needs.



The Divorcee

Anna Christie

The Blue Angel

Lottery Bride

Madam Satan

Min and Bill

Devil's Holiday

Sarah and Son



Street Scene



The Reckless Hour

Night Nurse

Miracle Woman

The Sin of Madelon Claudet

City Lights

Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise

Private Lives

Platimum Blonde

An American Tragedy



Grand Hotel

The Sign of the Cross

Three Broadway Girls (AKA: The Greeks Had a Word For Them)

What Price Hollywood?

Three On a Match

Thirteen Women

So Big!

Trouble In Paradise

Love Me Tonight

A Bill of Divorcement




Morning Glory

Ann Vickers

Queen Christina


Lady for a Day

The White Sister

Mary Stevens, M.D.

She Done Him Wrong

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