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At the end of any "live" TCM broadcast when this "pops-up" with the TCM logo, it means (or it "used" to mean) that feature would also be available for ON-DEMAND later viewing/re-viewing. 

On the last day of this years 31 Days of Oscar (Saturday evening, March 3, 2018), TCM proudly aired the TCM premier of BRAVEHEART (1995). I hadn't seen this Mel Gibson epic in a number of years and so I stayed up and watched the TCM "live" broadcast.
Because I know that TCM has infrequently made such "premiers" available for WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, I also DVR'd it so I could re-watch again later. At the end of the movie, to my then pleasant surprise, the pale blue screen saying ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM popped up! That was early Sunday morning. It is NOW early Tuesday morning and BRAVEHEART still hasn't shown up on the ON-DEMAND viewing list. In fact since last Saturday relatively few TCM broadcasts have (???)
So, I am wondering, what happened with BRAVEHEART???
Did someone at TCM fall asleep at the wheel again???
On occasion TCM will NOT "advertise" at the end of a broadcast that a feature is ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM and then it WILL happily show up on the ON-DEMAND list anyway??? Could it be that someone at TCM erroneously punched in that friendly little "Available" notice by "mistake"???
Of course only those of us actually watching a TCM "live" broadcast stream would be aware of such an announcement in the first place, which means that "we" were at least able to have caught the tail-end of any feature (if not the entire thing), and those just coming to TCM's ON-DEMAND playlist from either their PC or other device would never know that the feature NOT listed there was actually "advertised" that it would (or should) be. That is unless someone "told" them about it...
ONLY those of us paying attention to both might actually catch such a "false" advertising "error" when it occurs.

SO, In an effort to help keep TCM "honest" I decided to create this thread here, for "our" (the TCM viewers) benefit. I say that because I doubt that mentioning such a "notice" here will illicit any productive "forwarding" response from the Moderator, and certainly no acknowledgment of any kind from anyone at TCM. (But then again, "who knows" what miracles might actually happen in the future???)
Since I only have one pair of eyes and limited time, I wish to enlist as many others who see this thread and whom are able to also monitor both TCM "live" broadcasts for that ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM end of program notice AND counter check the ON-DEMAND playlist to see if whether or NOT the feature also actually shows up there???
AND then, When you catch such a repeat TCM "error" Please post your findings in a quick post in this thread.

The NAME of the feature, AND the DAY (DATE) of its broadcast, is really all that I am asking for. However any additional comments/observations are also quite welcome.

I am sincerely hoping that this is a "one-time" or (at most) a rarely occurring "event" with TCM. But now that I am explicitly aware that it happened, I would like for those of us who are concerned to "monitor" for any future such "events" so that we can make ourselves better aware if this is an area of broad common concern or not.

Thank you.

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Late last night (Tuesday 3/6/2018) I observed that four movies suddenly popped-up as "Available ON-DEMAND" that weren't there earlier in the evening.

On The Waterfront (1954) aired last Tuesday Evening (2/27/2018) and suddenly and mysteriously appeared ON-DEMAND with a "generous" one day viewing window "availability" due to expire today (3/7/2018) likely sometime this evening.

Also noticed The Guns Of Navarone (1961) which aired last Friday afternoon (3/2/2018) "now" available ON-DEMAND until 3/9/2018  (allowing 3 "full" viewing days?).

Kramer Vs Kramer (1979) which aired Friday evening (3/2/2018) is also "now"available ON-DEMAND until 3/10/2018  (allowing 4 "full" viewing days??).

And Captain Blood (1935) which aired early Saturday morning (3/3/2018) also appeared as "now"available ON-DEMAND until 3/10/2018  (allowing 4 "full" viewing days???).

Since I did NOT watch the "live" broadcasts of any of the above, I can NOT attest as to whether or not the ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM notice was presented at the end of each of these feature movies, so I cannot say whether this is some belated attempt by someone at TCM to help "rectify" a previous neglect, and thereby mollify some potentially irate TCM viewers???
I can say that this type of "Late" and "very Late" belated ON-DEMAND listing has occurred like this before... during the latter months of last year (2017).
That particular episode followed a huge block of movies that were listed as "available" ON-DEMAND but weren't available at all for a period lasting almost two weeks, then (following a large irate viewer outcry) "we" received limited availability access, as TCM staffers frantically tried to "correct" the problem over a period of several days... The following month TCM decided to NOT list any movies as available for ON-DEMAND, until they actually were. Which is as it should be, except in this case they totally ignored the long established 2-3 hour "live" broadcast to "ON-DEMAND" listing protocol by several days....

And (as stated in another post), since last month (with few exceptions) TCM has continued to "delay" the actual streaming access by about a day, after they have listed a feature as "available" ON-DEMAND.

So, in response to the above, I decided to check a little more into what has or hasn't been going on this month with TCM.
Since I first began regularly using the TCM ON-DEMAND streaming service in early 2015, I can say that though NOT every "live" broadcast has been available for later "ON-DEMAND" viewing, that the average has consistently been about 8-9 out of 10 (80-85%). A few exceptions either way, sometimes 100% sometimes 70%, but at average it has been 8-8.5/10 of the feature movies following their "live" broadcast. 

This is has held pretty true to form throughout the 31 Days of Oscar last month as well. The last week of which I have listed below.

Last week of 31 Days of Oscar month:

3/3/2018: 6 out of 8 feature movies  (however, 1 of those with only 4 Full days of viewing)
3/2/2018: 11 out of 11 feature movies (however, 2 of those with only 3-4 Full days of viewing)
3/1/2018: 11 out of 11 feature movies

2/28/2018: 9 out of 11 feature movies
2/27/2018: 9 out of 10 feature movies (however, 1 of those with only one Full day of viewing)
2/26/2018: 11 out of 12 feature movies
2/25/2018: 8 out of 10 feature movies

73 main feature (movie) broadcasts in those last seven days, with 65 made available for ON-DEMAND viewing
Even NOT counting the 4 movies just recently made available with limited viewing, that would still be 61 out of 73 movies broadcast or approx. 84 percent!

HOWEVER, so Far in March (since the end of 31 Days of Oscar) ON-DEMAND has made available

3/6/2018: ONLY 3 out of 14 feature movies
3/5/2018: ONLY 3 out of 12 feature movies
3/4/2018: ONLY 5 out of 13 feature movies

39 feature broadcasts in these last three days, with only 11 made available for ON-DEMAND viewing
That is a dismal 28 percent, and a far cry from the general 80-85% average!!!

Are they just too "hungover" following the Oscar celebration last Sunday and unable to perform to their "normal" lackluster standard ??? 
Or, do they think "we" are too intoxicated with Wine to notice these things???
Or is this break from what we have been used to seeing going to be the "NEW" standard with TCM???
I have a few thoughts about this and I really hope that I am proven wrong... but if this trend continues then I very sadly may NOT be. I'll presently hold those thoughts, and adapt a "wait and see" profile for a while.
But, it needs to be said that this type of consistent TCM ON-DEMAND "downsizing" (barring past "neglectful" staff "errors") is a bit unprecedented (even here!!!)

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BRAVEHEART (1995) is now available ON-DEMAND!!!

Braveheart (1995) which aired ("premiered" on TCM) last Saturday night (3/3/2018) just arrived on the ON-DEMAND list this evening (3/7/2018), available until 3/11/2018 (maybe 4 "full" days of view time??).

Along with Piccadilly (1929), a silent with Anna May Wong, which aired last Sunday night (3/4/2018) available ON-DEMAND until 3/12/2018 (maybe 4 "full" days of view time???)

Not sure what long term conclusions can be drawn from all this yet (still a little too soon to tell).
I suppose that I ("we") should be happy that TCM is allowing us any ON-DEMAND time at all with any of these features. But it is NOT the seven days of view time that they promote, nor is it within the three hour time frame that they "advertise."
If TCM is going to change this long standing policy then I suggest that they change their FAQs to state: "we (TCM) will show as much or as little, and as few or many of what we want, when we want, for as long or as short as we want, with or without any pattern or consistency and without any "prior," "during" or "after" notice to our viewers what-so-ever."


FAQs: Movie Availability in WATCH TCM

What movies are available?

TCM licenses movies from major studios and other rights holders to air on the network as well for Watch TCM. However, some titles will not be available for Watch TCM. We are continually working to grow the amount of titles, so check back often.

How long are they available?

Movies are available on Watch TCM 7 days after they air on the TCM network on TV.

How can I find if my favorite star or movie is available in Watch TCM?

In most cases, movies are available within 3 hours after they air on the network, and then they are available for 7 days.

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I won't waste my time by continually Updating a "running list" as they appear.
However to anyone reading this that may be concerned with the way things are currently happening (and NOT happening) with TCM, I suggest keep checking back on the ON-DEMAND playlist.
Since everything is so off-kilter, one can never be certain that a certain movie that aired days ago, might not suddenly appear, allowing anywhere from a few days to a few hours of viewing opportunity.
Welcome to the "NEW" old world of TCM ON-DEMAND! :(
Hope you like it???? :rolleyes:

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Last night (Wed. 4/4/2018) I caught the tail-end of the broadcast of NOAH'S ARK (1928).
I wanted to re-watch this for a number of reasons, mainly because it was Michael Curtiz' silent-sound hybrid "transitional" epic featuring parallel story lines of "modern" age WW1 contrasted with the biblical flood story. And because I wanted to get another look at the stunningly beautiful Dolores Costello (Drew Barrymore's grandmother) playing dual roles opposite George O'Brien (fresh off of his remarkable portrayal in F.W. Murnau's 1927 silent hit Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans).
I thought I'd missed out but was pleasantly surprised, when At the end of the movie the screen logo ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM popped up!
I watched a few of the evenings remaining films and enjoyed the intro-outro Curtiz "Spotlight" commentary by Ben and the guest host (biographical author Alan K. Rode). 

Early the next morning (Thur. 4/5/2018) I noticed that several of the evenings movies, NOAH'S ARK, 20,000 YEARS IN SING SING (1932), & KID GALAHAD (1937), were listed as AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND on the April 4, SCHEDULE, but NOT Yet LISTED in the ALL MOVIES ON-DEMAND title list.... I clicked on these at that time (from the SCHEDULE) and they refused to load or play.
Later in the day (4/5/2018) the latter two movies (SING SINGGALAHAD) also appeared in the ALL MOVIES ON-DEMAND title list, but NOT NOAH'S ARK, which remains listed as AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND on the April 4, SCHEDULE, but Still is NOT LISTED IN the ALL MOVIES ON-DEMAND title list?!?! 
And yet All Three of these movies had the screen logo ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM at their ending!?!?

Perhaps this is a repeat of the TCM "snafu" that occurred in early March with BRAVEHEART (and other movies at the end of 31 Days of Oscar month)???
If that is the case I am hoping that the Moderator will read this post and quickly double-check and verify this (BEFORE yesterdays (4/4/2018) AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND Schedule disappears!)
and then FORWARD this concern to whomever at TCM so that they can (and hopefully will) make NOAH'S ARK  AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND before the 7 day viewing window expires!!!

Come on TCM please try harder to "consistently" keep-it-together for your subscriber viewers sake!
Thank you

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Early this morning (Friday, 4/6/2018) I noticed that NOAH'S ARK (1928), which TCM broadcast the evening of Wed. 4/4/2018, finally showed up in the ALL MOVIES ON-DEMAND title list and is now available for viewing until Thursday evening, April 12, 2018.
I would like to think that the previous post stimulated this happy occurrence, but since the Moderator has made no comment here in such regards, I will attribute the action to coincidental timing, and the result of TCM's again lagging ON-DEMAND service. 
I noticed that presently only one of last nights movies is currently listed for ON-DEMAND viewing: The Lodger (1944). Since I didn't watch any of the others I cannot attest as to whether the screen logo ALSO AVAILABLE ON WATCH TCM showed up at the end of any of those, or not. But since TCM appears to again be lagging far beyond the previous "norm" of "2-3 hrs after broadcast" to list their movies as available for ON-DEMAND viewing, I suggest to any avid TCM ON-DEMAND viewer reading this, continue rechecking the ALL MOVIES ON-DEMAND title list to see if something that wasn't previously listed as available suddenly pops up, which could possibly occur anytime within the previously "normal" 7 day viewing window.

Just in case the Moderator anonymously forwarded my posted concern yesterday, which may have resulted in the recent "happy" action, I offer my sincere thanks. But I do suggest that if that is the case, please do not be shy and take the time to make a little post stating that you have in-fact done so, that way appreciation and credit may be duly given to you. :)

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