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Love With the Proper Stranger


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At last, I finally got to see this film and I wasn't disappointed. Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen (in perhaps his best performance) were wonderful together. As I guy, I have to admit I loved the brief sequence in the cab with Natalie and Steve. The film is funny and very touching.


Sorry, I can't give a great and detailed synopsis of the film. I just wanted to say that the long wait for seeing Love With the Proper Stranger was worth it.


Your thoughts?

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Is this one of those movies we Movie Fans have all managed not to see?


I hadn't seen it either before today. Thanks, TCM!


I have to agree, Steve McQueen at his best (that might reflect my personal taste --- I know he's good in all those war movies, they're just not my personal taste). He was terrific in this one.


Natalie Wood --- I am just not a fan, pretty much, except for "Miracle on 34th Street." Obviously beautiful, and charismatic, but just not a very good actress.


It was nice to see this today...a definite time capsule that somehow I hadn't seen before.

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this is a definite "eye candy" movie


I heard the announcer say Paul Newman was the original choice and even tho I love Steve McQueen I think Newman would have been better


the background music was a little cheesey but it 1963 lol


It made me remember I used to have a friend back in the 60s who was italian and she couldn't be seen talking to a man on the street or even on the street period

she actally had a child out of wedlock and her father never new the truth or he would have killed her; it was so tragic for her for she went to a home for unwed mothers and gave the child up for adoption and I don't think they have ever been reunited

her father would have never accepted the father of the child

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