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I Hate Watching Movies on TV!


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I DON'T watch movies on TV.


I can't pause them, and I can't rewind them. I don't have a TiVO or a DVR.


My family members are always bothering me. (I was trying to watch Killer of Sheep, but my annoying brother interrupted the movie and started bothering me.)


TCM On Demand does not have very many films.


My "high-quality" TV is always messing up.


TCM only shows silent films at midnight, when nobody is watching.


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Since I work so much when the best movies are on TCM, I rarely watch live. On the rare occasion when I can watch live (when they are doing Cagney in prime time,or the occasional cool Friday night or Saturday lineup in the early AM), I like to, it does bring with it a certain "feel", but I'm always recording, even then, even if I don't keep the film, because it does give me the option to watch in chase play, so that I can pause and stuff when I want to. Still cool though to have that shared experience, whenever possible, even if slightly delayed.

I would suggest getting TIVO, or a DVR. Or even a VCR, honestly. Whatever can let you time shift your viewing and allow for pausing. Well worth the investment, particularly as many of TCM's best movies are on in the wee hours (for me that is 2am, though it's 6AM EST).

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