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Полная версия: Кинолегенды

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> В 1957 году Джейн и Микки покупают особняк за 75,500 долларов на бульваре Сансет в Голливуде.


Translation: In 1957, Jayne {Mansfield} and Mickey {Hargitay} purchase a house on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood for $75,500.


One wonders how many square inches you can get on Sunset Blvd. for 75K nowadays. ;-)


Message was edited by: Fedya, since the board software screws up square brackets

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The Russian text below is quite inaccurate. It should read


В 1957 году Джейн и Микки покупают особняк за 75,500 долларов на бульваре Сансет в Голливуде.


(V 1957 godu Dzheyn e Mikki pokupayut osobnyak 75,500 dollarov na bulivarei Sancet v gollivude).


Some of the Cyrillic letters came through improperly in the posting below. Also, a couple of the Russian phonetic spellings of English-language words and place names were less exact than they might have been. "Сансет" is, more accurately, "Сoнсет," and "Голливуде" should read "Χоллиoyд."

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Actually, Hollywood is one of those place names that has a discrete translation in Russian, and not just a transliteration. See this article about the death of Heath Ledger, which uses "Голливуд". (Note that it also uses a transliteration of Ang Lee that English-speakers wouldn't expect; transliterating Chinese into Russian is a mess that I was never able to wrap my head around.) By the same token, we don't say "Moskva" or "Sankt-Peterburg" in English.


And "Сансет бульвар" is definitely correct. Russian doesn't have the vowel sound in "sunset", and uses the а instead of the о. The relevant Google searches on Сансет бульвар and Сонсет бульвар show the difference. Indeed, the Google.ru suggests correcting the misspelling "сонсет бульвар".


Finally, the quote is in italics, and certain letters of the Cyrillic alphabet look rather different in italics (or handwriting) than they do in block print.

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