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Kim Punkrock for Underground Host!


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If you are an Underground fan like myself you probably miss having a host. Most of us has discussed this in the past. There have been many ideas on the subject but now we have a real option...Kim Punkrock! I am sure most of you have seen her on the "Ultimate Fan" segment TCM did in November. She would be a perfect choice. After contacting her she is willing and excited to fill the position and all TCM needs is enough suggestions to push the idea forward. So, if you feel like me please write TCM by going to...


Good Luck Kim...You have my vote!


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well hey that is really cool. Though it is not true that they or anyone is trying to find a position for me. Ben and Robert are the main dudes. I have received a bunch of emails on this from people and never thought about it until I got those emails. But hell yeh I would do it.

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I'm with you, tcm 'underground' guerilla too, don't they merit discrete 'genre' forums?


Although these films fall into additional categories, their de-centralized discussion can be difficult to follow. It seems any film that's made the underground 'playlist' cut should qualify for inclusion in an 'underground' topic, visible to new visitors. That just seems like the apropriate marketing strategy.


As long as Rob Zombie remains un-dead, and Rose McGowan would rather co-host 'essentials' with Robert Osborne, then Kim Punkrock seems viable since she isn't limited to 'b-movie' appreciation.





Have there been other featured ultimate fans?


The corporations are opposed by the LoTeks, a resistance movement risen from the streets: hackers, data-pirates, guerilla-fighters in the info-wars - William Gibson's 'Johnny Mnemonic' (85-95)

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I just wrote them and voted and expressed how Kim reached out to me in a time of need as well. She is the best. She had better win. My gosh, are we allowed to vote more than once like those people who voted 400 times for Clay Aiken on American Idol? LOL. Had to say that. Kim, is the BEST and deserves the BEST. You go girl. Love ya, Robert Michael

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Yes, Kim is a sweet person. I have got to know her through myspace. I should clarify this is not an "official contest" for an underground host. I just thought it would be a good idea if we wrote the "powers that be" and let them know we would really like a host again and it would be nice to have someone real and deserving to do the job. It would be so fun to watch her become successful at this and be a celebrity because she is so appreciative of everything. You Go Girl!

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That is not true at all! OK, I will give you the genre remark because "underground" is not at all a genre but then again I am not sure TCM advertises it as one. As far a way to attract a younger audience...I believe its purpose is more to satisfy fans of the B cult classic films. Now, if you are not aware of a fan base for such films then do some research. There are sites all over the net dedicated to these films. One of my favorites is Brians Drive in Theater at...


I don't particularly like the way the Underground selection varies from horror to offbeat-movies like "Skidoo" but that is the the "B movie" genre they are trying to establish. Besides I don't think it intrudes on many viewers schedules when all we get is 4 Fridays/month (if we are lucky and it is not "Oscar" month) at 2AM. Also, I just don't know if I could trust someone that couldn't appreciate a good Zombie movie...LOL

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Hey dredum (sorry if I mispelled it), let's at least give our suppor to Kim. Example, I can't stand sci-fi, but if one of our members, who is a sweetheart could benefit from our support, then let's give it. Have a great weekend the rest that is left. Sincerely, Robert Michael.

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I really appreciate everyone's support. I think I would make a great host too. I am currently looking for a job on TV too so it is good timing. I never even thought about being the host for the underground until someone emailed me about it. Then I kept getting emails from a bunch of different people. It is cool. I have always wanted to do what Robert and Ben do, but it is so true that the Underground is a perfect spot for me. For one I am an actual part of the real Underground scene and have been for 20 plus years.


I had minor fame in the scene in New York as a local artist and cameraman with a public access show. My best friend and I use to have a show on MNN cable in NYC. It was on Friday nights at midnight, Saturday at 1 am. My friend and I would go around NYC to all the different cool spots and talk to random people. Then eventually we would interview a local band and play a song from their set. I was the camera girl/sidekick and my friend was the writer, producer and star. It was only us two. We were also in the August 1993 edition of Sassy Magazine. The show was called ShutUp! and it was very ahead of its time. It was a reality show about NYC. It was real and raw. If we had kept it together we would have sold it. Now there are so many shows like that.


Anyway, being a part of the underground I know many famous Underground musicians and artists. An idea I had was that if I was the host I could have different people from the Underground come and talk about whatever movie is playing that night. Many of these people are now pretty much mainstream but have serious Underground street credibility. People like Jamie Jasta from the band Hatebreed, John Pettibone from the band Himsa, Jessie Malin solo singer (former lead singer of D-Generation), Blondie, Iggy Pop, Jim Jarmusch, the girls from Rasputina...these are people I regularly would see and cavort with in New York City at exclusive underground parties.

Not only would it draw in viewers that never watched TCM, I know I would love to play Hairspray and talk to Deborah Harry at the same time. I even met John Waters once.


The other reason I would be awesome is that unlike Rob Zombie, I have enormous classic film "street cred". So not only would I be able to contribute to the channel in other ways, but people would accept me in that position because I am such a classic film fan first and foremost and then secondly a punk rock underground superstar.


Thanks again for all the support. I want the people at TCM to know that people wanting me to be the host for the Underground is totally organic and I have not orchestrated the support in anyway.

Which makes it all the more special. I thank everyone who saw what I could not.


Keep up the good work!



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TCM Underground WAS created to attract a younger audience.




>Starting sometime next year, TCM will try to lure more young viewers to the older-skewing network by slotting "TCM Underground," a weekly series of "edgy cult classics" every Friday at midnight. "Underground" will be a showcase for movies not usually shown on TCM, such as kung-fu pics, blaxploitation movies and a selection of Russ Meyer's skin flicks. "This series will be an answer to people who think TCM takes itself too seriously," said Karsch.

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>yawn.... the whole "underground" thing is totally bogus... a fake "genre" so TCM can attract a younger audience


It?s called ?broadening their viewer base?, so they can try to bump up their quarterly ?new second-tier subscriber? numbers with experimental gimmicks like Sponge Bob, Rob Zombie, and this crappy modern computer-animation film that is on now.



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ya that sponge bob guy was a bust also.....


all TCM has to do is SHOW US THE MOVIES...... forget to dumb gimmicks (no offense to strippers!!)....

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UnderGround | Kim PunkRock | NetRoots




TCM can continue to expect my virtual free pass from any criticism, for all practical purposes, in appreciation of commercial free programming. They only shill modestly with dignity for NetWork related products and updates between programs. This leaves me humbled by my inability to support them more financially.


Kim PunkRock not hosting TCM UnderGround is their closest approach to blame or fault.


This is demonstrated statistically by their minute population of TCM Fanatic clips. Aside from Kim PunkRock permanently tattooing TCM to her flesh, the Noir crew are the only other TCM Fanatics I can recall, but I sincerely apologize if I've missed others. So they're marginalizing the TCM fanatic with the most UnderGround credibilty.


Marginalizing your most credible TCM UnderGround promotional material is approaching a mistake.


This is a mistake because you already have someone, with potential to become the next Osborne, Baldwin or Mankiewicz, whom simultaneously carries UnderGround credibility. Obviously, hosting TCM UnderGround would be considered entry level hosting. But unlike most UnderGround candidates, you already know she will not be limited to UnderGround genres, something you'll only learn the hard way from other candidates.


I believe you would be safe giving Kim PunkRock a chance, while expecting her to learn from mistakes, considering the time slot under discussion.


Even if there's concern regarding her endorsement of Alex Jones, David Icke or Truth movements. This only indicates that she's an Independent thinker and not partisan to left or right politics. It also demonstrates her ability to research absolute sources for information abridged elsewhere.


Kim PunkRock's eccentricities are her strengths, and valuable creative influences, not liabilities.


I would recommend she forward my initial endorsement that was sent concurrent with my previous contribution to this discussion thread. But I was struggling with the cognitive dissonance of wanting very much to like the Ben Mankiewicz I resonate with on TCM but confusing him with Erich 'Man Kow' Muller from Fox news. I thought 'Man Kow' was short for Mankowicz and I didn't know how to spell Mankiewicz.


I sincerely apologize to Ben for presuming him he sought opportunities to demonize Truth seekers.




UnderGround | Kim PunkRock | NetRoots

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Here are the features in the ?TCM FANATIC? series:
























(As with other TCM features and promos some of these TCM FANATIC features have been shown in "long" versions, five minutes or longer. Some of these TCM FANATIC features have been shown in "short" versions, edited down to around three minutes.)


There is a somewhat similar TCM FAN RETROSPECTIVE series from April 2009:






TCM FOUR FAN PROMO (clips of these fans)


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This thread is being locked. It has been almost 2 1/2 years since last activity, if you want to create a new thread based on this topic please feel free to do so. That way we can have a "fresh & new" discussion on this topic.


Thank you


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