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I've made a 100th Anniversary Tribute to The Great Train Robbery


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Hi, I'm Justin Murphy, a writer, web producer, and digital filmmaker, I have a website that profiles my work, the address is digitalfilmmaking.8m.com



Anyway, back to discussing the tribute:


The Great Train Robbery was the first movie to ever tell a storyline in 1903, it was directed by Edwin S. Porter, and produced by Thomas Edison. I took any material I could find on the internet, and digitally put together a reconstruction of the film. I also added a new soundtrack -- The Entertainer composed by Scott Joplin in 1902. And I was able to obtain the script for the movie from 1903 which was more of a film treatment as opposed to dialogue driven screenplays of today, and used it as a blueprint for the cinematography and editing.


If any of you are interested in seeing it then please

e-mail me at Justt79623@aol.com.



I apologize if this message is considered spam or an advertisement.



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