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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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As I go further into a time warp with these music threads... I'm a kid again. ;)


One of the great classics, "Blinded By the Light" (I'm sure this must have already been posted by now...)





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I could imagine the bedroom of misswonderly, circa 1967, and there are posters and pictures papering the walls.


I must be wired differently; I never idolized the singers. The Beatles were the first to get me to notice individual members, but the music was always first to me. I must be too goody-two shoes about it. It is sort of cool how many kept performing even into grandpa status. I wonder what Jimmie Page looks like now? Oh, he still has a certain charm..


How did he start?




Happy Mother's Day from here, misswonderly..

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casablancalover, thank you so much for that clip of JImmy Page from the 50s- he looks about 12 years old !

"Skiffle" music as it was called in Britain, and as you most likely already know, was very popular in that country in the 50s. All the young guys were in "skiffle" bands, the rock and roll came later.


I tried and tried to find a pic of Jimmy Page when he was a little older, maybe at the peak of his Led Zeppelin days, but couldn't see one that demonstrated what I meant about how sexy he was. Something about the attentive way he'd be concentrating on his guitar, as though nothing else existed at that moment.

However, sorry to disappoint, but in terms of that image of me circa 1967 with posters all over my bedroom, I was a kid - 9- and not one of those kids who pay attention to rock or pop music. I didn't really "get into" music like that til I was about 12 ( hey, when you're a kid, 3 years makes a huge difference.)

I believe I had wallpaper with flowers and ballet shoes adorning my room. Outside my window was my neighbour's cherry tree, which I couldn't take my eyes off of in the spring. But I digress.

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To me, the Police were superior to the Beatles.(But above all else, I'm a "New Wave" guy.) While I was on the bike this morning, Sirius "First Wave" played both "Driven to Tears" and "When the World is Coming Down". Sublime.


Edited by: finance on May 17, 2012 10:30 AM

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*To me, the Police were superior to the Beatles.*


Wow, really? That's an interesting point of view. I think the Beatles had more range musically than the Police (just off the top of my head - I guess I have to think about that more), but I think that Sting as a lyric writer is right up there with them. One of the best.


Here's another gem: "Message in a Bottle":




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I'll grant you that The Police are one of the best pop bands of all time. They were innovative, mixing hooky pop with reggae, jazz... It was a shame they broke up, but they did leave "on top" (and before they killed each other, heh).


One 80s band I feel doesn't get enough respect is Duran Duran. They made a lot of great songs, and wrote their own stuff. Love Simon LeBon as a lyricist.


Among all the songs by them I like, here is "Careless Memories":




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