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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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"The Mighty Quinn" is one of those 45's that I ran out to buy and then literally played it to death ( wore the poor thing out and the record needle as well. ) I don't believe I have it on any of my many cd "hits compulations" . I will have to remedy that situation.

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I don't have "Quinn" in my collection, either, but like you, whenever I hear it I want to hear it a lot - such a great, catchy tune. Sticks in your head (like a good song should).


(btw, hey there, mrroberts! Long time no chat. ;) )


Edited by: EugeniaH on Jul 8, 2012 6:39 PM

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This YouTube video is blocked in the U.S., darkblue, so I'm reposting it with another link:





It's so interesting to hear this song. Admittedly, I've never heard of any of Dylan's more recent work, so it's kind of a "shock" to hear this 1960s-era voice on top of 1980s-era music... Kind of a cool tune - I like the effect of the backup singers.

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Oh yeah, Joan Baez. Yes, it's said that Diamonds and Rust is all about her relationship with Bob Dylan. A lovely, sad song.


Complete change of pace: Yesterday in my exercise class, the instructor played the Donna Summer song, "Hot Stuff". We were as much dancing as exercising to it - it was quite fun. I believe this is the main tune used in the strip show in *The Full Monty*. She died a few months ago, didn't she?


Hot Stuff, baby !




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