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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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:^0 It's not that Ozzy's such a bad guy, really. It's just that he's the Antichrist.


But more seriously, thank you for talking about the Persuaders and the Prentenders. Here's that song:







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I can never hear Bohemian Rhapsody without imagining Mike Myers and Dana Carvey mugging their approval for the camera on Wayne's World! LOL Good times.


Some others from the wonderful era.. I love the Blues Brothers.. RIP John..



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Aprapo of nothing,




Check out this hauntingly beautiful sequence from Wes Anderson's masterpiece THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. The singer/songwriter is the great 90's grunger Eliott Smith. Google him (Eliott Smith) to learn why this scene is especially poignant given his (Smith's) personal bio.




















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pturman, thanks for the Elliot Smith song. You mention its use in Wes Anderson's *The Royal Tennenbaums*. Are you a Wes Anderson fan, and if so, have you seen his latest, *Moonrise Kingdom* ?

It's very good, funny and sweet without being in the least sacharine or cloying. With the trademark Wes Anderson "quirkiness". But not annoying "quirkiness", as is sometimes his weakness.


A terrible sad end for Elliot Smith, why would someone so talented wish to end their own life? A question, I suppose, that has been asked repeatedly whenever a creative person commits suicide.

Here's a haunting, unusual song from Smith, Independence Day. This just knocked me out, the first time I heard it:




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