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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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A few more favorites













One of my favorite Popera videos. Went to see Anna Netrebko at the Met a few months ago (actually it was at the local flea-pit showing a broadcast from the Met). Anna has 'filled out' a little since this video was made, which is perfectly acceptable for an opera diva. She still looks sexy, even more so in my opinion. And Rolando Villazón, full of latin charm and big voice.













O Soave Fanciulla



REM meet Richard Thompson.

*REM - Wall of Death*



For years I thought this was a David Bowie song.

*Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You*



Derided by some as not being real 'punk'. Never-the-less a brilliant pop song.

*Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi*



Best wishes

Metairie Road


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> {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}pturman, thanks for the Elliot Smith song. You mention its use in Wes Anderson's *The Royal Tennenbaums*. Are you a Wes Anderson fan, and if so, have you seen his latest, *Moonrise Kingdom* ?

> It's very good, funny and sweet without being in the least sacharine or cloying. With the trademark Wes Anderson "quirkiness". But not annoying "quirkiness", as is sometimes his weakness.


> A terrible sad end for Elliot Smith, why would someone so talented wish to end their own life? A question, I suppose, that has been asked repeatedly whenever a creative person commits suicide.

> Here's a haunting, unusual song from Smith, Independence Day. This just knocked me out, the first time I heard it:





Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've seen most of Wes Anderson's movies but for some reason, ROYAL TENENBAUMS is the only one that spoke to me. Guess I just didn't "get" his other movies. I'm looking forward to seeing MOONRISE KINGDOM though.

Yeah, it is sad what happened to Elliott Smith. I was a big fan even before he killed himself. He's got about 50 beautiful songs. Here's his most famous song: from GOOD WILL HUNTING (one of several of his that were in that movie). Here he's singing it at the Oscars (it was nominated for Best Song but theme from TITANIC won that year).





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Very nice, posting the song, pturman. I do appreciate it and let me explain something.


I was not in a happy place last week with the earlier exchange. But the local authorities maybe done with their investigation and the the odd fellow who sprang up out of the dating site about 3 weeks ago may be just a sock puppet with no ulterior motives. Too many coincidences and a classic MO set off some bells in the last couple weeks. Add to that a total crash of a laptop and my life was put to a reboot.


While I like to write, I do not like living someone's drama, so pardon my flash negative response. I feel compelled to apologize to everyone here. I am to remain casablancalover2 now, I guess.


To get back to Elliot, What a difficult twist of fate that he would come up against freaking Celine and Titanic! I love so many things Canadian, but Celine is not on that list, all due respects.


I wonder, in the grand scheme of things, if he seemed aware that fame and artistry are not linked. The fame will ebb and flow, and more than once the artist will appear to be making a comeback, when in truth, it is the audience that is rediscovering the artist..


Remember this, all who seek attention. It comes and goes, just keep doing what you love.


Edited by: casablancalover2 on Aug 18, 2012 11:10 AM

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}When I was growing up, and you had a date and wanted to "score", you put Johnny Mathis on the turntable. "Chances Are" was the biggie.

Well, I can tell you, you wouldn't even have gotten to "first base" with me if you'd played Johnny Mathis.

Possibly Frank Sinatra. If you're going to try to seduce someone with that kind of music, go with the best. ( Yeah, I know Frank was a generation before Mathis,,, but he always sounded like a "poor man's Frank Sinatra" to me.)


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I am starting to get that feeling I have when I pull up to a four-way stop and I can hear the radios of the other drivers coming from all directions. Maybe Finance is just tuning in a station..


Busy Sunday, but busy in a good way. Not to busy to send out a song.




Char adores Felix

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I used that song as a inspiration piece for a screenplay - a comedy- I was working on. The tempo shift is perfect for a shift in locale for a character, wouldn't you say?


I used this one too for inspiration:




You sorta have to know the scene I mean.. A guy with charm and swagger and Attention Deficit Disorder fights largely imaginary battles at boring morning meetings. :D

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