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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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Bond...James Bond.




Sexy music, baby. That would make a great ringtone for someone.



Where I was going early, before the James Bond tangent.


Beach Boys:




It's Beach Boy weather here today, very un fall like, with temps feeling in the 90s f.

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Sounds interesting, Finance. Can you post a video? Of course the duo that probably lays claim to "blue-eyed soul" most deservedly is THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS. Here's one of their classics. I have to confess, though, I like Hall & Oates version better. First the original, then the cover:








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I have heard the Titanic song once before, and personally found the style so irritating I couldn't keep listening. sorry..


I know some don't care for the following, for it is so long, but for me and my personal history, this is so true to the fashion of the Great Lakes, especially Superior. And Gordon Lightfoot is a singer I can listen to.


*The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald:*


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I previously have talked about what is the best music for working out. I now have definitely discovered the answer, and I somewhat sheepishly announce that it is '70s disco, as so well demonstrated by Sirius XM's "Studio 54" channel 15. Don't laugh. I did 2 hours on the bike this morning, and it flew by like it was 15 minutes. If I had time, I would have stayed another hour. Also, it was the first time I didn't change the channel once. Mostly club remixes and nary a pause between jams. I felt like Tony Manero transported to the bike.

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Agreed - dance music in general (70s, 80s, 90s) is perfect for any kind of aerobic movement. Songs that I wouldn't listen to just 'casually' (especially disco) are perfect to hear when I'm working out.


1970s (I still like this song you introduced me to, finance):











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That's fine, but it will never beat the original Walkin' on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves. I think it was 1983 this came out.I want to write the following in a font half this point-size, but I don't know how.


Although Katrina and the Waves were a British band, they could not get their song recorded until they came to Canada. Attic Records recorded it, and it became a huge hit, at least in Canada.





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Your music choices are better than the evening cocktail, mw and SansFin.


You found the link I wanted, mw, Thank You.


Now, SansFin, I loved your choices and indeed they would be quite the workout.. and I had been given a better view of Soviet entertainment, is that correct? Is that what we are seeing? Please tell.


Here in the capitalist West, all we saw of Soviet culture was represented in a commercial from the Reagan era:



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> {quote:title=casablancalover2 wrote:}{quote}

> I had been given a better view of Soviet entertainment, is that correct? Is that what we are seeing? Please tell.


We had great variety. These are two versions of the same song:





I have heard Pidmanula Pidvela as a ballad and as a chorus and as a rock number.


There were many genres of songs and singers varied widely:



Several translations are given in the comments.










I could post more but I do not know many names in Latin letters and there is a glitch that I can not open bookmarks when I have keyboard set as Cyrillic.

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