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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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His name and the name of his group didn't translate well to other material........., e.g.,Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Cryptkickers sing the best of Rodgers & Hammerstein


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> {quote:title=EugeniaH wrote:}{quote}

> Halloween songs! We can't forget this gem (this is also a video of classic movies, so it's TCM-relevant ;) ).

> Boris Pickett and the Cryptkickers -


I hope this is not off-topic:


On the page with the video of the Cryptkickers is a link to "One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater."


I do not understand how such a monster might survive as there are so very few Purple People for it to Eat.


I hope this is appropriate to the season:


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Online there is a list of the 100 Greatest Novelty Songs. Monster Mash rates second, The Purple People Eater rates fourth. They're Coming to Take Me Away, Haha is first.


The Coasters with something more serious (not):



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Patti Smith Group - this song has one of the most haunting intros ever, imo:




(at first I was thinking to post a song by Olivia Newton-John, but figured Patti Smith would go over better. ;) )


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Thanks guys, for the N.J. picks.

Norah Jones is lovely, in every sense of the word. I like the way she respects the music and doesn't use it to show off her voice. She uses her voice in sympathy with the music - the melody, the instruments, etc, as opposed to almost competing with it like some singers ( especially, sorry to say, female ones) do. Of course, maybe when these singers over-emote their voices so vigourously (what's the word for that?) they're trying to distract the listener from noticing that the song itself is usually utter rubbish.

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Almost a month ago I posted the famous theme from the James Bond movies, because I'd heard it was the 50th anniversary of the Bond series. A little later, someone ( sorry, forget who) commented that it was also the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' first recording. ( I think the date for both is October 5th. could be wrong, but it's around then.)

Aargh ! I like James Bond movies, especially the first few, but there's no comparison between how I feel about James Bond movies, and how I feel about the Beatles. I kicked myself for neglecting to post at least one Beatles song around that time, kept meaning to, and then became busy with other matters.

But I still wanted to post a Beatles tune.

So, a little belatedly, here's one of my ( many) favourite Beatles songs, "You Won't See Me".

A pure, beautifully crafted pop song. The melody is so fine, and it's enhanced so nicely by the boys' harmony, and that lovey lovely "Oooh ooh la la la". Plus notice the way Paul pauses after every line - a little musical rest before the next bit. It's the kind of thing the listener doesnt' always consciously notice, but it contributes to the song's overall originality and stay-in-your-head quality.Ok, enough. Time to stop blabbing and start listening:



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Yes, sometimes I think Rubber Soul is my favourite Beatles album.


Some trivia about "Norwegian Wood" : are you at all familiar with Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, which came out in 1966? It's got a track on the third side called "4th Time Around", and its melody (maybe even its lyrics) it alludes very directly and unmistakably to 'Norwegian Wood".

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