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Off Topic: Favorite Music?


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Today I am thinking of my early childhood, and my secret desire to grow up to be just like Dale Evans, riding a Palomino stallion that could somehow jump fences like a Arabian (it's possible, since Palomino is a color and not a breed) and enjoying the freedom of the never-ending range.


This was before I fell in love with Todd from *Route 66* 1j2oo3.png




Kool! Bonus: A Command Performance:



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Speaking of dance music, one quintessential lengthy (weren't they all) disco song that kept the dance floors filled circa 1979 was "Forbidden Love" by Madleen Kane.........Another good one, which I heard today while on the bike, and which sent me into "cycling nirvana", was "Casanova Brown", by Gloria Gaynor. There really was a lot of good disco stuff, in addition to some boring, mind-numbing stuff. I've been hearing Studio 54 radio 75-90 minutes a day, and am becoming an expert 30 years after the fact.


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Speaking of Bonnie Tyler, here's a song I used to like a lot when it came out a looooong time ago.


"It's a Heartache":




(Once I looked for it on iTunes, but at that time I could only find a more recent version by Tyler. Her voice has changed a lot over the years - not for the better, imo. Her vocal chords seem to have been really given a good workout over the years!)

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this is sort of amazing. Reading from the Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus collection, Chad and Jeremy and Bonnie Tyler are right out of the playbook, so to speak.


Men tend to rationalize a big breakup with starting relationships - hot and heavy- too soon or before they processed the last heartbreak out of their system, and often to disastrous results, leaving the relationships that follow wanting and even more detached.


Women tend to wallow in pain, then replay the bad part, hoping to change the outcome.. Not a happy ending if they keep perpetuating the drama. I have seen that happening too.


From the 1960s... From someone on a more even keel -at least for the moment.



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They weren't really my observations, but the book's, Eugenia. But I've seen it so often that I don't doubt it either.


I love Kicks and Herman's Hermits at their innocent best..


Getting through the book, I thought of a Burt Bacharach/Hal David song:


Elvis Costello:




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The other day I chanced to hear "Loaded", the last album by the great and legendary Velvet Underground. It was one of those times when you're reminded of how good and well-loved some music is to you, even if it's something you haven't played or even thought about for a while.


Here's New Age by the Velvet Underground. (trivia note: many think this is sung by Lou Reed, but in fact the singer is Doug Yule, whose voice could be similar to Lou's -in his more tender moments.)



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