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Off Topic: Favorite Music?


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Thank you so much for posting Sad Song. It really captures that quality about Lou Reed's music that I find hard to describe...-borderline dream-like, almost other-worldly sometimes, kind of yearning, and yet hard-edged, redolent of "the street", all at the same time. His music always makes me feel as though something strange and exciting is about to happen ( don't ask me what.) And the video that accompanied it was just perfect (hey, "Perfect Day"...)


I was unfamiliar with My Love is Chemical, but appreciate the chance to hear it.


Solo Lou is good, but The Velvet Underground was one of those "revelatory" groups for me, and always will be.

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Today's irony: I was just thinking of a song I could post on this thread as I was on another website, and I found this link on the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees:




Randy Newman? Really?? Granted, I only know him for "I Love L.A." As for Heart, what took them so long?

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darkblue is right, Randy Newman is one of the greats.

It's a mystery to me why Randy Newman is not only under-rated and under-appreciated, but also kind of not taken seriously at best, denigrated at worst. I can only assume it's because of all those songs he wrote for mainstream Hollywood cartoons - but even many of them are quite good !


Speaking of "mysteries", there's a great book by rock critic Greil Marcus, called Mystery Train. It came out way back in the late 70s, but it's still worth reading today. Anyway, Marcus lists several American musicians whom he feels are iconic, representative of American music in a deep and significant way. These artists, according to him,

"share unique musical and public personalities,(and) enough amibition to make even their failures interesting...In their music and in their careers, they share a range and a depth that seem to crystalize naturally in visions and versions of America...Their stories are hardly the whole story, but they can tell us how much the story matters."

I'm tempted to quote more from this book, but I also want people to actually read this post, so I'd better stop.

Anway, these are the artists Greil Marcus cites:Robert Johnson, "Harmonica Frank" ( yeah, I know, I'd never heard of him either), Sly Stone, the Band ( who ironically are mostly Canadian), Elvis Presley, and *Randy Newman*. Yup, the guy's in pretty good company.


I love what darkblue said about him: "biting, satirical, provocative, often controversial and eminently musical. Definitely an artist marching to his own muse." This description certainly applies to the song I've posted here. It's a sweet sad melody, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it's telling an appalling story.



Here's one of Newman's many great songs, Sail Away, from his album of the same name.





Edited by: misswonderly on Dec 11, 2012 7:36 PM

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Sometimes they know when they are on self-destruct, and other's don't see it coming and they are the train wreck to come. The alcohol may start them on the wrong path or finish them off, but it's the stress internally that does them in. Sadly, sobriety does not always translate to a long life,


Ironically I like this song, for the Tropics sound..




I will always be mystified by what flips the switch on a person who becomes an alcoholic. This is a comment from someone who's parents were both alcoholics. I cannot watch Days of Wine and Roses for this reason. Hits too close to home. Again, for irony, my parents lived long lives.


I have determined the alcohol is not the problem, but other factors combined with alcohol. that is the reference to the elephant in the room.


I used to attend a church with a fellow who counseled for chemical dependency, and he said once the toughest part of his work was the client who is still self-destructive, but now doing it sober.


Edited by: casablancalover2 on Dec 12, 2012 7:23 AM

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I had a similar attitude towards Frank Sinatra when I was young, in fact I used to make fun of him ( very stupid of me, since I was barely familiar enough with his music to do so) as an example of someone old people listened to. It wasn't until I was in my early 20s that I discovered how great he was -actually through a mix-tape that my future husband made for he. He was a fan, and without being pushy about it, enabled me to see- or rather, hear, how Sinatra's anything but "old fogey-ish", how his music is exciting and timeless.

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However, as usual I'm a couple of beats behind here. (That expression is so appropriate on a music thread, don't you guys think?)

I'm still thinking about Harry Nilsson. Here's his most famous and loved song ( well, that and the coconut one). ( SEE EDIT ) It's so beautiful and yearning, Harry's voice really gets the desolation and pain associated with rejection by one's lover as few singers do. Without You:




EDIT: DUH ! Yeah, nobody's ever heard of Everybody's Talkin' . I really need to look before I leap, or think before I post, or something. What the hell, let's throw Everybody's Talkin' into the mix. It's one of those songs that always goes through my head when I'm walking through the pouring rain.




Edited by: misswonderly on Dec 13, 2012 9:54 AM

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My favorite Frank song would be I Got You Under My Skin. This is just a very well constructed Cole Porter song that Frank and Riddle make a great version of. i.e. the combination of all of their talents is on display here.


Here's That Rainy Day is also one of my favorite songs. I play this song a lot but as a bossa nova.

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Thank you, SansFin, that was great ! Who doesn't love "Linus and Lucy" ( the actual title of that tune everyone knows from A Charlie Brown Christmas ), and who hasn't had a laugh, watching all those characters in the show, each one dancing with their own unique style. The guy in that video nailed it.


Speaking of Christmas, it's about time we started sharing Christmas music here (anyone who dislikes the whole Xmas song thing can put this thread on "ignore" till the holidays are over.)

Let's start off with a bang ! Clarence Carter's "Back Door Santa". Baby, this has soul !



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Nice version of that song, Scottman. I've always known it as "The Cherry Tree Carol", as sung by Joan Baez. In her rendition, things go a little easier on Joseph. I felt kind of sorry for Joseph in the Clancy Brothers version. After all, you can't blame him for being a little upset. How's he supposed to be privy to the mysteries of the Holy Trinity?

Anyway, here's Joan with "The Cherry Tree Carol". Whether it's the Clancy Brothers, Joan Baez, or anyone else, it's a lovely melody:



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