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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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I remember an OLD movie where the speakeasy MC called the girl singer a "Chan-tootsie". maybe you saw the same movie. I was a kid, and I think it was a short.


Anyhow, her singing was absolutely forgettable, but here's a someone who would have been a great ChanTootsie, I love her rendition of Dreams.

Ms. Josephine Baker:



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You probably know this...Carlene Carter was the daughter of June Carter and her first husband (not Johnny Cash.)


casablancalover, did you see the discussion about Josephine Baker a few weeks ago? It was on one of the "general discussions" threads, can't recall which at the moment.

That was an intriguing clip you posted. Some strange old French movie. I don't know about her singing being "forgettable", I liked it.

She was, as you probably already know, quite a star in her day. At least in France.

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The whole back-up band as well as the singers, is female. And genuinely good musicians. Very cool.


I had this song running through my head this morning, don't know why. It's an old song, but the version I know and have always remembered and liked is from a children's recording, circa 1965 (?), with someone called Tom Glazer. When I was a little kid I thought this really rocked, and you know what? It does.

Dance with a Dolly etc.



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Gene Autry:





When I look at the pictures of Gene, I see the singing cowboy, but that perception is not accurate. There are many folks who will picture a guy in a ten gallon hat cheering his baseball team or shrewdly making another real estate deal.


I wonder what happened to Champion?


Edited by: casablancalover2 on Feb 23, 2013 2:11 PM

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>. . . I sure did love ya, gal, but I sure don't want your place...


Loved it! I am glad to see Gene rebound from that one and take his rightful place in movies, real estate and baseball team ownership.


He sounds a little like Woody Guthrie singing it. May have been the quality of the recording.


I do love those western recordings. Have you any more? I thought cowboys would sing about their horses more than their aches and pains..... wait, if they rode all day, the would be singing about aches and pains.

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Glad to oblige, little lady!


Edward L. Crain: "Starving To Death On A Government Claim"



Really makes you want to settle a way out west! ;)


Jimmie Rodgers: "Yodeling Cowboy"



Gene tried to imitate the sound of Jimmie Rodgers in his early records.

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Excellent Woodie Guthrie side! It's a kind of bittersweet performance. Talking blues were a popular style in the 20s and 30s.


Another good example is by Chris Bouchillon: "Born In Hard Luck"



Edward L. Crain was an old man when he recorded "Starving To Death On A Government Claim" in 1931. He was a real cowboy back in his youth.


Edited by: Scottman on Feb 28, 2013 12:20 AM forgot to link Mr. Bouchillon's recording (D'oh!)

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Just heard about Van Cliburn passing. There was a young guy who could play fantastically, and what impression he made on me.


A long example here; but I remember it from raking leaves on a cold Saturday in October, when I was kid and this was playing on the radio, at a time there used to be commercial classical radio stations.




RIP Van Cliburn

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Very true finance. Although in fairness, the first Jimmie Rodgers died in 1933, about for about 24 years before the second Jimmie hit it big. Check out the graphics on this posting of "Honeycomb" by Rogders. It seems that on at least one record his first name is spelled "Jimmy" but most seem to use "Jimmie" though.


"Honeycomb" :

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