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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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OH sure... Mr. Movieman... pick the ONE song on that album that USED to make me cry every stinkin' time I heard it!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh me.. those were the days) I also liked Old Tennessee and THIS one too:






But after doing some thinking... I think I was wrong when I said Captured Angel was my most fave album.. I think I have to revise that and go with Home Free.. there are just TOO many songs on that album that I dearly loved for it to not be my most favorite of all.



But really... in those early ones especially.. I kind of sort of like almost all of his songs.. only a few exceptions, I think.



Oh me.. it has been a long time since I listened to any of it.. maybe the LAST time we talked about Dan Fogelberg on here, I think... and that was a good two or three years ago. (maybe more)



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Many wonderful songs on "Home Free." "To The Morning" and "Wysteria" are my favorites there.I think my favorite aobum is either "Nether Lands" or "The Innocent Age." A wide variety of music is showcased on both albums.


I always thought that "The Last Nail" was a sad one, hence one of my favorites. Sorry to make you cry.

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Sorry to make you cry



Oh.. no tears NOW. ha. But back in the good ole days of my twenties.. ha.. oh yeah... it was a tear jerker for me then for sure. Nowday's I don't get nearly as emotional about those sorts of songs. ha. That was a different time and different lifetime ago. (the songs that make me cry mostly now, tend to be more of a spiritual nature) But I DID used to get "wistful" sometimes about some of his songs.. there is just a lot of emotion in some of them.



Another one that used to almost always do me in.. but I loved it all the same was Stars. "For stars fall everytime a lover has to face the truth.. and far too many stars have fell on me... and as they trail the sky and burn their paths upon my eyes I cry."



Now some might see that as a sappy love lyric.. ha but to me, that is some deep, thoughtful song writing. I also like the song Souvenirs too. (on a different album) Very "wistful" indeed.



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One that gets me is "Hearts and Crafts




That is not one I recall ever hearing.. I will check it out.




Saddest song of all - "Windows and Walls




That one is a sad one, to be sure. My favorite for that album though is "Believe in Me"




Another among the many favorites.. from his Phoenix album.. One of his more "poetic"




"Along the road.. your steps may stumble, your thoughts may start to stray. But through it all a heart held humble levels and lights your way. Joy in the start, fear in the journey.. joy in the coming home. A part of the heart gets lost in the learning somewhere along the road"








Ha.. good golly.. I just realized that we are sounding awfully "wistful" ha. He DID write and sing a lot of other music.. not ALL moody and emotional. I also like the more "upbeat" Dan, too, ha. And I LOVE pretty much every song on High Country Snows.. in fact I credit that album with turning me into a blue grass fan for life (despite the fact I grew up LISTENING to that style of music.. I utterly rejected it until I "re-discovered" that style of music on some of the songs on his album. OH.. and did I ever tell you that I once won a $10,000 shopping spree just for knowing the title to THIS song??? (true story) :D





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A shopping spree for knowing a song title!!!! I won a t-shirt once because I knew the last names of the Three Stooges.


"High Country Snow" is the one album I could never get into. Sorry, not a blugrass fan. I think "Phoenix" is a grand album. I love to play "Believe In Me" on the piano. I have several music books of his songs. They are quite tuneful and fun to play. When I practice some I can do a pretty good version of "Nexus" from "The Innocent Age."



Favorite uptempo song may well be "Empty Cages" from "The Innocent Age" or "Hurtwood Alley" from "Twin Sons."


Hearts and Crafts



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A shopping spree for knowing a song title




Oh yes, indeedy do. ha. It was waaaayyy back in the mid 80's and I was 23 and living large that day.. ha. I had to be the 5th caller when they played the "song of the day" on the radio and then they put my name in a drawing.. I didn't usually even try (because I always seemed to miss when they would announce it) but that time I did happen to know it.. and I got through the very first time I dialed.. and was the fifth caller. And then I pretty much forgot about it over the next few days.. and then that following Monday morning the phone rang.. and it was the radio station telling me I was the winner.




Stuff like that never happens.. but it did that one time to me. It was my one "big windfall" moment ever in all my born years. ha. But there was no cash involved. It was all on an American Express Card. And I had to spend it all (or lose it) in 4 hours.. and so I split it up between my family (so much to each brother, my folks, my grandparents) and then of course I had a good amount still left to spend on myself, and we went to the mall a day ahead of time (because I figured that was where we'd be able to get most anything we might want, all in one place) and I told everyone to pick out what they wanted and write down where it was, etc so I could go and get it when I did my shopping spree. I had a very detailed list. (HA.. my one time as a good list maker, to be sure.) I went for the practical side (ha... Iknow.. big surprise) and got stuff for my apartment.. some new bedroom furniture, tv, vcr, and a few other incidental things.) And I got to go around shopping with the two radio dj's from the station that I won the prize from.. and their station manager. (and a tv camera too.. for a while.. blech! ha) To be honest.. I was not that wild about all the "noteriety.. ha)




But all in all it was a lot of fun. (but then the TAX man showed up a few months later ha.. not as much fun, I assure you) Still.. for what I had to pay in taxes, (and my family did help me somewhat with that too) We could not have gotten all the stuff we did.. or even anywhere close to it. It is a fun memory... not much left of the things we bought, so many years ago.. I do still have some of the bedroom furniture and a couple of other odds and ends items.. but its been almost 30 yrs now.. so I guess the rest is.. as they say.. ha.. gone with the wind. :D




I won a t-shirt once because I knew the last names of the Three Stooges




Now that's my kinda prize.. usually. (in fact, ha.. it is pretty rare (very rare indeed) for me to really ever win much at all.. but just that one time, I guess it was just my turn. ha.




Sorry, not a blugrass fan




Its not for everyone. I do like it a lot though.. I really respect the talent.. some of the best musicians you will ever hear (in my opinion, anyway) play bluegrass. It is not a style of music you can just "perform" without knowing a lot about how to play it. I also like the emotional quality it has.. from sad and woeful to absolute joy.. to utter mayhem sometimes. (ha.. and sometimes all inthe same song even!) :D Anyway.. it is a favorite for me now. But I do confess there were times I utterly could not stand it. (but a lot of that had to do with the particular artists.. sometimes the singing DOES sound a bit like "caterwauling" HA. It really all depends on who is singing but some bluegrass songs are better left "unsung' and just played, instead. ha.




I have several music books of his songs. They are quite tuneful and fun to play. When I practice some I can do a pretty good version of "Nexus" from "The Innocent Age




I bet it sounds great.. a lot of his music is just right for a piano and single voice. In fact.. I got to see him in concert once.. and all it was was him.. his piano and his guitar. No "back up singers" and all acoustic. Very good show.





Hearts and Crafts




Classically poignant Dan. :)

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First day of March. It's the spring equinox in 3 weeks. Oh yes, I am ready for it. (Although half the time, at least in Ontario, we still get snowstorms etc. right into April. On the other hand, sometimes we have people walking around in shorts in early March. "Unpredictable as the weather", a very true truism.)


Here's k.d. lang with I Dream of Spring:



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I really like bluegrass when it is more jazzy and less country; e.g. David Grisman, Tony Rice.


Grisman's first album, The David Grisman Quintet is one of the best albums ever released. Just a very tight band playing a hybrid type of bluegrass jazz music.


You're correct that bluegrass musicians are very well trained, high quality musicians. More so,(generally), than blues, rock or country ones.

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James, I am not as much for the "jazzy" side of bluegrass.. I tend to prefer the more "traditonal'..but not necesarily all the way "old timey" ha. I do like some contemporary "styling" for bluegrass though.




But I DO know of a banjo musician though named Bela Fleck.. he did a lot of experimenting with jazz for bluegrass instuments.. (mostly banjo, that I know of) I never got much into that side of his music.. but he was a part of band back in the 70's and 80's that I do like very much. They had some success (though not great) introducing a more 'updated" version of bluegrass.. more contempory with a bit of an edge, called New Grass Revival. (but don't let the name fool you.. they are not a religious group)




You can really get a feel for how gifted these guys are in their intrumental solos on this song.. just a very as you said.. "tight" group. They're a nice transition from "old timey" into more contemporary styles of music. They are not together, for some time now. i think... but they were a lot of fun in concert the two time Isaw them in the 80's




this is one of my faves for them.. gotta get past that 80's hair to watch it, though. ha.





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Now guys, I like Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen a lot, more than the average bear. But why are we thinking about winter when it's almost spring? I am thoroughly sick and tired of -0 (that's Celcius, but it's still below freezing) days and those awkward bumpy ice formations we have to navigate when we get a thaw and then a freeze. Life in Ontario. ( "Forget it, Jake, it's Ontario.")


I have a theory that the more songs about spring I post here, the sooner it will come. And not just the inevitable equinox, I'm talkin' 16 degrees (that's around 60 Farenheit.)

This track kind of continues the conversation that was going on about "roots" music and bluegrass. I'd say the following songwriter is about more than that, but she can really capture that "old timey" feeling.


Gillian Welch can't wait for printemps either:






(sorry about the ad.)


Edited by: misswonderly on Mar 4, 2013 10:02 AM

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A little while ago my co-worker told me he went to a Yes concert last night. Sheepisly he (in his 60s) said that he couldn't really remember their songs. :) (He went with his wife, who wanted to rock out.) He left a while ago but my officemate and I are sitting here still humming their 70s hits.


Here's one of their biggest. "Roundabout":


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FIRST WARM DAY IN MINNESOTA, and this will be heard:




Why, because late winter is marked with many cloudy days for the snow melt is that intense and creates low cumulus. But then--


-- the sun does break out and is finally able to warm our hands and our hearts...


39,636,250 views can't be wrong..

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Right, db, people who don't know that much about the Beatles tend to under-rate George Harrison. He was an extremely talented guitarist, not only skilled, but very inventive. And of course he was a great song-writer,

"Here Comes the Sun" is one of my favourites by him.


Casablancalover, you "stole" my next song ! Ah well, I'll come up with something else.

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And I did. Another great "sun" song is "Who Loves the Sun", by the Velvet Underground. This one is not celebrating Helios' appearance; no, it's one of those "hide my head away" numbers.

Here's this sweet poppy little track from their last official album, Loaded.



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