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Off Topic: Favorite Music?


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Oh, mw, that was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


But i am more interested in following the Scottman's lead.


Slippin' into Darkness was just funk... very good


It brought to mind a couple others from that era. What War wrought.


Rare Earth:





Sly and Family Stone:



h5. I don't know if this was before or after Sly's fling with Doris Day..

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Another person who hasn't read Doris' biography, _Her Own Story_

with A.E. Hotchner. It was the hot rumor at the time of her bio. She met Sly, who was a friend of her son. The meeting lasted maybe 15 minutes. Not much time to develop anything.


She had rumors flying about her in Hollywood, and part of the bio I think was to clear them up. A quick Google could do that too. I suppose I didn't help, but it just shows you don't know a person entirely, nor can we judge.


Would it matter to you? Really? It really doesn't affect our lives how she lived hers. Unless you have a relationship to Ms. Day.



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Sorry but your subsequent post has me confused. In the first one you say Sly and Day had a fling.


Then you post: The meeting lasted maybe 15 minutes,,,,


So they had a fling in this 15 minutes? OR did they meet again later on? OR when you say " I suppose I didn't help' you meant that by saying they had a fling, you contributed to spreading an untruth? (if one is to believe Day).







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.. You are better off not believing it.


Now really, Sly just isn't the fling type. Funkadelic passion, but no fling.


It does make me wonder what defines a fling. It seems to be different things to different people. A fling, I see as far more innocent ..



Sly did do Que Sera, Sera




Definitely, not the fling type

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I wish I could say I am too young, but no. I didn't hear Mother's Finest as much as Sly, but at the time, I was into Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, and Boz Scaggs.


Now Lucinda Williams I know. I like the Ugly Truth:




h5. Reality is better than fantasy, because fantasy is only a game we can grow tired of, and reality is life, and your life you can change.

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Why thank you CB2! That was a great clip, these boys really know their stuff!

Funny you should mention Scotland, I was there in 2007 competing with the L.A.Scots Pipe Band. It is truly a beautiful country.

L.A. Scots:


I've seen this band perform at some of the Scottish games that I attend. They are a really nice Celtic band. Molly's Revenge:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALDqyLcRTmo

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I absolutely love Scotland too. The Highlands are magnificent, and Midlothian area is so green and lush and full of sheep.. lol



all I can say is Wow. The L.A. Scots are really great. Was there a marching component too? In MN, there was playing and marching also judged. I recognized the playing in the circle, with judges very well from Highland Games back home. Are you a piper or a drummer?


The piper in Molly's Revenge played for over 6 minutes. I know you need to keep filling the bag..

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There's no marching component for pipe band competition. We do march into a circle, while playing the first tune. I am a drummer. I played tenor in 2007 (those are the guys that were waving thier sticks around in the video). I played bass for the L.A. Scots in 2011 and 2012, but am now playing bass for a new band, the Long Beach Fire Department Pipe Band. We just formed this year. It is mostly made up of civilians like myself, but we do have a couple of firemen in the band.


L.A. Scots 2012 @ the Queen Mary games in Long Beach, Ca.:

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