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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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The 60's: The last, desperate attempt at authenticity before we all became dependent on the corporate teet for our bourgois pleasures. Here's the original version of a Tom Petty song recently posted written by Paul McCartney (under the pseudonym Speedy Keen) with Pete Townshend on bass (under the pseudonym Bijou Drains) & guitarist Jimmy McColloch.




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This statement on the 60's is very misguided and factually incorrect. Music in America has always been controlled by corporations. In fact today, with the Internet it is easier for a so called garage band to get their music out (and for people to find said music), than it was back in previous decades.


In the 'good old days' the primary way to hear music not controlled by corporations was to go to a live show. Since most bands not under contract to a corporation couldn't afford to travel far from their 'base' only locals got enjoy them. Today anyone in the world with a computer can enjoy any band from any place (well expect if you live in North Korea!).



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I LOVE 96 Tears ! I once included it in a mix tape I made for a party, and when old ? and the Mysterians came on, everyone stopped what they were doing and got up and danced.


And that video -hilarious ! I can't help but wonder, were you drawn to it as a result of our recent discussion around dolls being used to tell stories ? (Remember, "Some people a little obsessed..." )


Thought I'd post a track today I bet nobody here has heard of. It's a great song, from an obscure album by Elvis Costello, circa 1994 ( in case anyone's interested, the album is entitled All This Useless Beauty .) I have no idea what it's about, the lyrics are exceptionally obscure. But he does make mention of "a John Ford film" for some reason. This tune is called Complicated Shadows.

Turn 'er up.



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Actually, yes. I didn't realize it until I played it; it's sort of bonus. It seemed like somebody was going for a reenactment of a breakup. There was always something about those pouty lips and cold stare of that classic doll.


I wrote a short story about dolls and revenge a few years ago,,,

Ken's Revenge:




I'm glad I played a favorite of yours too. I should post music,


Maybe something about revenge--




And Elvis Costello:



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