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Off Topic: Favorite Music?


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I have this boxed set of Phil Spector's work, I think it's called "Back to Mono".


Here's one of his best. Ok, it's The Crystals, but it's all about Phil's production- that "wall o' sound". Once again, proof that sometimes the simplest tunes can be just as effective as more sophisticated compositions.

It's a classic basic chord progression, lots of songs are based on this. Dylan does a completely different version (different tempo, different mood, very different lyrics) in a song called "Series of Dreams". There's something very moving about the melody.


Back to Mono, and back to the Crystals... And Then He Kissed Me.

(ps: the innocent simple line, "Each time I saw him, I couldn't wait to see him again", kind of sums up in 12 words what falling in love feels like.)



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My favorite Donovan song, "Wear Your Love Like Heaven":




Second favorite, "Happiness Runs":




(I haven't listened to Donovan in a dog's age! ...I was listening to Madonna when I opened this thread - weird to transition to Donovan. :) )


Edited by: EugeniaH on Apr 15, 2013 2:11 PM

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The other Sunday morning I tuned to an LA/Orange County station which had a show of kinder, gentler oldies for Sunday morning, and one of the picks was "Season of the Witch," which made no sense for the theme, but I love the song.



One of my favorite Donovan songs is "Hampstead Incident," another is "Guinevere" with its raga rock sound, and the complex guitar riff that opens "House of Jansch" is pretty awesome.



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Well how does one know that you really tried to post the song but instead just said you did knowing that someone else would then post the song for you? I do remember that in another post you stated you were lazy. But I also know you're wise so that trick might be right up your alley.

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Here's an easier way to post YouTube clips (I'm not being condescending, but writing down numbers is silly. ;) )


1. At the same time you have the message board page up, open up another Internet screen and find the song you want on YouTube.


2. At the "http" address, left click on it once so it highlights in blue, then right click. Choose "copy".


3. Go to your message board post, right click again, and choose "paste".


4. And there you have it, Chaka Khan!




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Great minds think alike, Scottman. :) When I first saw the post with "Jean Shrimpron", the first thing that popped into my mind was the lyric, "She had hair like Jeannie Shrimpton..." LOL. I wanted to post the Smithereens link but didn't have time - glad you did.

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