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Off Topic: Favorite Music?


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finance, are you familiar with the Twilight Zone episode, "A Thing About Machines"? The main character hates machines, can never understand how they work, abuses them, and in the end they turn on him and exact revenge, LOL.


(Back to music in a minute)....



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Duke Ellington has been called one of America's best composers, ever. And rightly so. Here's one of my favourites by him. Actually, it was hard to decide between two versions, so I threw in both. The first is at the tempo I like, very slow and mellow. The second has a singer doing the trumpet part ( I think.) Sounds like a trumpet played with a mute to me.

Either way, Creole Love Song is a great piece of music.







(ps: sorry about all the ads; of course you can just click "skip ad".)


Edited by: misswonderly on Apr 22, 2013 2:51 PM

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For those that like a little Eastern philosophy with their modern rock, here is Kula Shaker with "Tattva":




(Update): I'm just reading on Wikkipedia that the lead singer of Kula Shaker, Crispian Mills, is the son of actress Hayley Mills.


Edited by: EugeniaH on Apr 22, 2013 7:44 AM

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Eugenia, I'd never heard of Kula Shaker, but hey man, I opened my mind and was taken to the 8th level by this song.

Seriously, it was pretty good. I liked all the spacey effects, and the song was fun (it struck me as more fun than enlightening, but hopefully that's ok.)

Did you notice they sampled some Pink Floyd, near the beginning? Maybe I went to the 9th level, what with the Pink Floyd element and all.

Hayley Mills' son is cute.

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I'd never heard of them, either. I was searching all over the internet to find the title of a certain song and I came across this band. I was intrigued by the Hindu song titles and checked them out. This album was released in 1996 (they broke up, then re-formed later; I don't know if they are still together).


I heard two other songs from them that borrow thier riffs from Jefferson Airplane and "Eleanor Rigby", respectively. But, they also have their own sounds.


I'm used to hearing the "traditional" Hindu chants and love it when they can set prayers to rock music. ]:) I know another song like this but no time to post it now...

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Seems I either don't post at all here, or I get greedy and post 2 or 3 songs in one day.


The "heart-breaking" effect is a bitter-sweet- but mostly sweet- feature of some songs; I love it when that happens in music.

Here's an undeservedly obscure tune by Gene Clark. This also sequeys nicely since I was talking about The Byrds before, and Clark of course was an original member of that band.

It's one of those songs that might take a couple of listens, but then, when you "get it", when it enters the music-visceral part of your brain, you can't get it out of your head.

"Dark of My Moon":




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> {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}

> Seems I either don't post at all here, or I get greedy and post 2 or 3 songs in one day.


I am sorry to say that I do not understand how that can be categorized as 'greedy'. Capuchin and I are members of a forum on which there is a thread for pictures, jokes, chat and music. It is common to quickly post a video in response to a video and these exchanges often result in watching ten or more songs within an hour and posting one for each one watched.


I believe the most Capuchin has posted in one day is twenty-six and he is far from the top-poster in the thread.


It is in that thread that I learned of Nox Arcana, Lindsey Stirling, Willie and Lobo, The Sugarcubes, Bessie Smith and many others.


I like the variety of having many songs posted because it means that if one is not to my taste I can end it and there is at all times a different one available for immediate watching.

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