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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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Thanks, db, I didn't know Dion had done a version of that song. And a lovely version it is, too.


Here's another, this one performed by Tim Buckley (who was Jeff Buckley's father. Both of them died before they should have.)


I appreciated Dion's interpretation, but I have to say, maybe just because this is the one I heard first, the Tim Buckley cover is the one I swoon over. He just draws out the lucious sweet quality of the melody so, and he sounds so sad.

No matter who sings it - and of course Fred Neil recorded it too, after all, he wrote it - "The Dolphins" is a heart-breakingly beautiful song.





(Funny, I've been meaning to post this for ages here, but it took db's drawing attention to Dion's version as the catalyst for me to finally do so.)

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I suppose we should really give a listen to the original by Fred Neill. The first time I ever heard it is when it was used to nice effect in episode 74 of 'The Sopranos'.


The complete version is available on youtube, but for sound quality this partial-song Sopranos clip is the best. Truth is, I hadn't thought about the song for some time until watching this episode.



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*One Touch of Venus* !


I remember catching this odd little fantasy completely by accident -never even heard of it, just randomly turned on TCM one day and there it was, just beginning, too. Once I saw that Robert Walker was in it, I was hooked. I don't know if it's a particularly good film, but it's a charming one, and certainly fun escapist entertainment.


Change of pace: I will confess to a guilty pleasure I'm indulging in these days: catching up on the television series "Mad Men". Right now I'm -er, the show, I mean - is in 1965.

This tune came out that year. It's not used in "Mad Men", but still, Donovan captures, if not the wind, at least some of the "change in the air" mood that was happening that year.

(And yes, poor Mr. Leitch, everyone accused him of copying Dylan. You can see why, but Donovan soon developed his own sound well enough to move away from the Dylan imitation accusers. )



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Glad you think so, lavender, baby.

You're right, there's no reason to feel guilty about being completely enamoured (as I am) with this fantastic show. So smart, so well-done, so...so...addictive ! (I keep renting all the seasons on DVD. I'm just about to rent season 5.)


Great music on the show too, eh?

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