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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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I have had a few conversations about who was their favorite member of Led Zeppelin; Guys would always say it was Page, and gals would say it was Plant! Of course many of the guys I hung out with were musicians so of course we would be draw towards the guy who wrote the music and played the guitar.


The same type of thing occured with the Who (but not for MissWonderly of course). I meet peoole that didn't know who Townshend was. It is common for the lead singer to be the 'face' the general public knows. (which is why Eddie called his band Van Halen!).

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I'd agree that people were more likely to debate about their favorite

Beatle than their favorite Zepper or Leder. Page and Plant were better

known than Bonham and Jones, who were in the background for the

most part.


Pink Floyd had impressive record sales too, not as good as Zeppelin

but better than the Who. The Who didn't have big numbers

until Tommy came out, and they never had an album like

The Dark Side of the Moon that sold truckloads.

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> I still maintain that the pair of Townshend and Daltrey are better-known than the pair of Plant and Page. I can't prove it, though.


You're probably right. Second only to the Stones, the Who ruled the concert circuit in the 70's - and the guitar-smashing, drum kit-crashing, drug-abusing persona of the band was infamous - a prelude to punk (probably why you like them better) going all the way back to 1965.


The Who were a kinetic stage presence and famous for it. While Zeppelin sold more records, the Who became more famous as individuals. Keith Moon became as famous as Townshend, if not more. Hell, even comparatively sedate John Entwhistle was remembered forever once you'd heard that wonderful name of his.

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Numbers? Heck, I must make 'em up. If it's a well-known band,

Wiki has a discography which shows the chart position in different

countries and the sales. They also usually link it to the RIAA or

another source. I'm guessing there are also other sites that have

the info. Dark Side only sold 15 million copies, using only to compare

that to Led Zep IV, which sold 23 million.


I don't have one favorite Floyd song. I'll list a few I like--Meddle,

Us and Them, Fat Old Sun, A Saucerful of Secrets,

and others. Great band.

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Jacko is still on top, though The Eagle's first greatest hits collection

is right behind, both at 29 million copies sold. Then there is Billy

Joel's greatest hits collection at 23 million, Pink Floyd's The Wall

at 23 million, Led Zep IV at 23 million, and AC/DC's Back in Black

at 22 million, and Dark Side at 15 million.


These are the number of albums sold of course, not the dollar amount.

And RIAA counts a double album as two units, so The Wall actually

sold about 12 million copies. Money, it's a hit, that's what I want. :) Oops,

I guess that applies to Billy Joel's Greatest Hits too, since that was also a

two-disc album.

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Speaking of MIchael Jackson: I don't care if he was a perv (and who knows, maybe he wasn't?), I don't care that he completely transformed his appearance from a good-looking African-American man to something grotesque (much worse than Kim Novak, by the way...and he wasn't even old), and I don't care how "mainstream" his music was.

Some of it was pretty darn good.

How can anyone not like the song "Thriller" - and its fun video? It's a sight that almost stops your heart.




For those who don't have time for the big dancing Zombies scene, here's the short version, just the song:




(But how can you resist those dancing zombies?)

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Ah yes the Moody Blues.. Char, I remember when this was "re-released" (1972?). It was around that time that I'd discovered AM radio (FM came later), and I recall a brief time when I listened to it constantly. The first time the radio station I was addicted to played "Nights in White Satin", it knocked me out !

I remember one time when it came on late at night, I was listening to the radio in my room, radio and me under the covers, and this song came on. I was absolutely awe-struck. (I was also about 13 years old, so maybe pretty impressionable.) I thought it was the most mysterious, philosophical thing I'd ever heard.


Here's another Moody Blues tune I discovered years later. These were pretty serious guys, always pondering and contemplating life, etc. Guess that's why they were (are?) so easy to make fun of.

But I still like them, they made some very good music. Here's one of my favourites:


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Hi fi:

(Hey, I never realized before that when greeting you that way, it sounds like the sound system so much beloved by audiophiles in the 50s - 70s. "HiFi": high fidelity. There ya go.)


Anyway, I think all three of your Moody Blues iPod selections are top notch.

And I agree with you, "Wanna Be Starting Something" by Jacko, it's just a really great song. Danceable, exciting, kind of hypnotic. Plus it makes me feel nostalgic.

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fi, you recently posted a track that you said was "the best of the 2000s so far".

Damn, there's so much good stuff that's been recorded since 2000, I don't know how you can pick one song.


Here's a very recent tune, a rap /hip-hop number from a Canadian guy called Shad.

I'm not a fan of rap, old fogey that I am, but every now and then I hear one that I really like. The sampling or whatever it is in this rap song is really catchy.

"Fam Jam":



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