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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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Jeff: *The Thorn Birds* is a splendid show with excellent acting and production values. You would never know, except for the length, this was made for television. The music is gorgeous.


Hi ButterTea! I hope you're feeling better.


The thing that mixes me up about show tunes is sometimes the songs I think I like from a movie actually started out as a tune for a Broadway show---or vice versa! So I'll just do another list with both combined:


6. "My Funny Valentine"

7. "Am I Blue?"

8. "Cheek to Cheek"

9. "Always"

10. "One for my Baby" and "Young at Heart" (from Frankie last night!! I finally got it recorded!)


More soundtracks:


11. The Pink Panther (I love Mancini!)

12. Breakfast at Tiffany's

13. Charade

14. Goldfinger

15. Rio Grande


What about more "contemporary" stuff? From the 1970 'till now? Well, I don't know of anything right now that I like but I do love these songs:


'70s & '80s:


1. "It Was Almost Like a Song" (Ronnie Milsap)

2. "You're So Vain" (Carly Simon)

3. "Brandie" (Silver Spoon)

4. "Penny Lover" (Lionel Ritchie)

5. "Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson)

6. "Start Me Up" (Rolling Stones)

7. "Time" (Alan Parsons Project)

8. "The Coward of the County" (Kenny Rogers)

9. "Tequila Sunrise" (The Eagles)

10. "Little Jeannie" (Elton John)

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nope still coughing, thanks for the loverly thought though sweet april!!!


you know i had noticed a lot of times when i liked a song it would be either a show tune and then a movie tune or vice versa too!! those are the best tunes!!


i dont remember what number i was on. heehee!


"the way you look tonight"

"que sera sera"


"wouldnt it be loverly"(this song makes me wanna giggle i love it so much)


so you finally recorded "Young at Heart". i love that song!


how could i forget those soundtracks??!!




Breakfast at Tiffany's

The Mirror Has Two Faces

Valley of Decision(i wish they would put this to a soundtrack, it has such pretty and dynamic music)

High Noon

lord of the rings(i hate these movies, but i love the song little Pippin sings in the last movie. and it has great music)


wow! contemprorary music


70s and 80s


"how do you mend a broken heart" bee gees

"killing me softly with this song"roberta flack

"time and tide"basia

"a change of heart"gerry rafferty

"its too late"carol king



how about the sixties?

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I like "Wouldn't it be Loverly", too---that and "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face".


Sixties? I like the schmaltz --- the Percy Faith type stuff, elevator music they sometimes called it and a lot of movies featured those kinds of tunes. Like the theme song to Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? ("The Story of Love")---you know the kind, the artist known as DeVol wrote many of them.


Most of all maybe I like the songs by Brazilian artist Antonio Carlos Jobim:


"The Girl from Ipanema"


"Quiet Nights"

"One Note Samba"


"How Insensitive"


When Frank Sinatra recorded with Jobim they put down one of the most beautiful series of songs of the twentieth century. It's like nothing on earth.

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oh you mean musac? heehee!


i love that stuff too. i was in my daddy's work building the other day in the elevator humming to moon river the other day. i was jamming!! heehee!


i loooooooooooooooooooooove the "girl from ipanema"!!! oh my goodness! thats a great song. everytime i hear the name though, i always think of that other Glenn Miller song, "i've got a girl down in kalamazoo" heehee! do you see why?


we have a sci-fi movie called Deep Rising. one of the good guys in it starts singing "the girl from ipanema" while their is silence and they are all looking for the monster on the ship. i hate this movie but always look forward to that part if my mother is watching it, b/c i always burst out in laughter.


i forgot to add the Carpenters to my 70s list. i love the carpenters and always thought karen had such a beautiful voice. we listen to their cds on car trips around the country. i always look forward to listne to them. i love all their songs!


i do like the sixties too




"dream a little dream of me" mamas and the papas

"the monkees theme" the monkees

"pleasant valley sunday" the monkees

"and then he kissed me" the crystals

"baby i love you" the ronettes


do you like any songs of the current...soft rock like celine dion and such like that?

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Mr & Mrs D are very patient people. We're fortunate their good manners....well, hers...keep them from speaking their mind. ;)


I love The Monkees songs, too! Especially "I'm A Believer". I do like some of the pop songs from that era. And I love The Carpenters, too! I really should get a cd of their greatest hits. She did have an incredible voice, it's so tragic how young she died.


I'm not really a big Celine Dion fan, or of anyone out there right now to tell the truth. I just haven't been listening enough to current pop radio.


I"m afraid I'm catching your cold my dear. :( Actually not yours---EVERYONE around me has had it and I have been warding (Wardy!) it off until now. Tonight I'm going to make a cauldron---I mean a pot---of homemade chicken soup to try and stop it in its tracks.


I just got my cds for *Rio Grande* and *The Man With the Golden Arm* (I love Elmer Bernstein's scores) so I can't wait to listen to them.

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How nice (and rare) you mentioned Alan Parsons. He doesn't get much attention though I always found him very innovative. I always enjoyed his instrumental tracks. Along with him it's The Beatles, Moody Blues, ELO, Fogelberg and others and A lady nearly no one knows named Jane Olivor.



Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1

Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony



Out of Africa


Movie Songs:

Moon River.

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

The Days of Wine and Roses


Can't help it, I'm old I guess.

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You're not old, Chris! You have GREAT TASTE. :) And that is ageless.


Yes, I love my Alan Parsons Project cd, I think they were great! I like several of their tracks. Very haunting stuff.


I love classical music but unfortunately I am mostly clueless about which piece is composed by which composer and what it's called. However, being a former student of ballet, I do know (and love) my Tchaikovsky. Oddly enough, it's his "Nutcracker Suite" melodies I love the most. I also love just about everything by Beethoven and Mozart.

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oh no! not you too april! you cant get the cold too! whatever shall we do? i still have mine, try not to get it. stir up that couldron heehee! full of chicken broth. drink as much of it as you can. it may come out your nose and drown the cold away. heehee!


you got those cds!!?? im such a jealous ducky! heehee! i loved the music score in those movies too.


Mr & Mrs D are very patient people. We're fortunate their good manners....well, hers...keep them from speaking their mind.


thank goodness for that! now we can have our soothing tea now. my throat is killing me. maybe thatll help. you think? :) okay they can breathe now, they are unpaused! heehee!

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My 10 favorite songs and recordings:


*The Man I Love* -- Billie Holiday

*September Song* -- Lotte Lenya

*But Beautiful* -- Tony Bennett (w/ Bill Evans)

*Alison* -- Elvis Costello

*Bachelor Kisses* -- The Go-Betweens

*Blitzkrieg Bop* -- The Ramones

*Be My Baby* -- The Ronettes

*Mr. Tamborine Man* -- The Byrds

*Heaven and Back* -- The Mekons

*Lovesick Blues* -- Hank Williams

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I like the music for

The Third Man


ReAnimator - which the theme is a faster/slightly altered version of the Psycho theme

The College Girl Murders ( it has a certain hip hop make me dance type of feel)

I love the early Godzilla movies where Akira Ifukube did the music...basically doing most of the G movies from the 1960s, as well as the first Godzilla...plus Terror of Mechagodzilla & he did Godzilla vs King Ghidorah in 1991

A lot of the Bernard Hermann stuff I like, which was Psycho and a few others...

The Indiana Jones theme, Star Wars, and Superman and right up there as well...

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>I also love just about everything by Beethoven and Mozart.


Great. I have nearly all the major works from both. Someday we'll chat music. Anyone who can discuss Alan Parsons and Tchaikovsky with me (and westerns) is something to look forward to.


It will be fun.

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Chat away, Chris! I always enjoy reading and responding to your posts! My mother studied Opera briefly and loved Classical music so I grew up with it. I wish I knew as much as others do about it, but my appreciation for it knows no bounds. To me, it's the real deal.

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Hi Miss Tea!


I made myself a cauldron of chicken soup and I must admit I do feel better today, except for a cough. I'll live. That soup is a miracle.


I think the Darcy's have locked themselves in the other room until we are no longer "contagious". :P


I really am going to have tea coming out of my pores---I had about 20 cups yesterday and I'm already on my third this morning.

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Hi DSC---wow, I think you and FrankGrimes must be twins. Musical themes to noirs, movies about psychos and killer monsters. :P


I do think the music for the Third Man is one of the most unique in movies.


Here are my favorite Hermie Baby scores:


1. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

2. North by Northwest

3. Veritgo

4. On Dangerous Ground

5. Portrait of Jennie

6. Marnie

7. The Snows of Kilimanjaro

8. Garden of Evil :P


I can't wait to hear his music for two episodes of "Gunsmoke" from 1961.

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We've had XM for six years and my favorite channel (by far) is the 40's on 4. It plays mostly the music of the 30's and 40's with a little bit of 20's and 50's thrown in. Heaven!


Jo Stafford is my very favorite singer. She is amazing!

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Hi Acommp88! I'm familiar with Miss Stafford's voice and agree she was one of the swingingest ladies of the big band era. I bet miss theresa butterscotchgreer knows more of her songs than I do!


Internet radio has been heaven sent. If I had to rely on local broadcast radio my days would be largely silent because, just like on television, "oldies" stations no longer really play "oldies".

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>Chat away, Chris


OK. Other than your beloved ballet have you attended any concerts by your regional symphony?

Have you seen anyone that really impressed you ?


I ask because quite a few years ago my wife gave me season tickets to the Baltimore Symphony and one of the performances was by Yo Yo Ma. Not only was it the first time I ever heard Elgar's Cello Concerto (which is one of the most beautiful and eloquent pieces of music) it was the first time I had seen him. We sat about five rows back. It is generally considered too close but it was the perfect place to watch him. It was truly a grand experience.


There have been others wonderful concerts as well. All way in the past but still memorable.

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My parents used to take me with them to outdoor concerts in a park in Dallas, Texas. We'd make a picnic out of it and I confess I didn't pay too much attention to the music, though I suppose I absorbed much of it by osmosis somehow. Classical music is one of the few things my parents had in common with eachother. My father is a big what they used to call "Hi Fi Bug" and we had the most sophisticated stereo system on the block at one time. If it wasn't Beethoven blasting it was the Beatles White Album.


Alas, except for an opera or two or the ballet, of course, I haven't been to any classical music concerts.


How did you first get into classical music?

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My mother introduced me to it. She is a very good pianist. (Comparatively, I'm mediocre.) She had many music books that had classical pieces in it. I would try and play them. This was mostly unsuccessful.


She also had a recording of Beethoven's 5th Symphony. I listened to that. Logic telling me Beethoven had at least four other symphonies drove me to the library and the local PBS radio station. Then I found all kinds of composers. One of the things my wife liked about me was introducing her to classical music. She's a casual fan. I wish I had more time to listen to it.


Sounds like your father and I would get along too. ("Revolver" is my favorite Beatles album.)

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oh you like jo stafford too!!! me and angie love listening to her!! i am getting her greatest hits, i cant wait. i know practically all of her stuff, well maybe i havent heard one or two. heehee!


well at least im not the only one eating too much soup! oy! heehee!


im there wityh ya april, yesterday i had just about the same amount of cups of tea too. tea always makes me feel better. i am spending all my money on tea today too at school. heehee! i have had like two giant cups full of chai tea. i am gonna get a third one too. i guess the tea party will have to wait until we arent contagious anymore huh? that might be the sensible thing to do! heehee!

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I wish I had more time to listen to music, too. I have the internet radio going at work but it's mainly just low volume "background" and not condusive to real enjoyment. (Except when Francis comes on ---then the volume goes UP, UP, UP!) I almost never listen to music at home and the only other opportunity is when I'm out and about with my headphones & mp3 player. The BEST times for listening to music for me were back in California when I used to play all my cds in the car during those long drives. I still miss that. Now I only get to drive when I travel to Europe and rent a car.


My father had (I'm sure he still has) Revolver, too---I remember the album art scared me as a kid. He had all the Beatles albums and alot more. They were the band of his generation, his life, he said once. He liked 1950s rock-n-roll, too, except for Elvis. He was never a fan of him. I used to love 50s rock-n-roll and I still think it's good and I love the 60s rock-n-roll songs they have on the *Dirty Dancing* soundtrack, but I prefer the standards overall. Do you like Sinatra?

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