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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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(lightbulb moment)


Fritz Lang.




I've never seen it.


Hey! You said Fritz Lang instead of Gary Cooper. Nicely done!


It's an average spy flick with a couple high moments. I actually like the romantic

scenes the best. Of the Lang films I've seen, it's the most romantic. What you'd find

interesting is the feeling of Top Secret! throughout.







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Well, Mr. Lang Know-It-All, Harumph!!


Did you hear what Ernest Borgnine said about Coop? He confirmed what I've always known made Gary a great actor -- he LISTENED.


Okay, now I've just GOT to see CLOAK AND DAGGER, since I love TOP SECRET! so much.

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Well, Mr. Lang Know-It-All, Harumph!!


Harumph, Harumph!


Okay, now I've just GOT to see CLOAK AND DAGGER, since I love TOP SECRET! so



Oh, I think you would be smiling at a few scenes.


Did you hear what Ernest Borgnine said about Coop? He confirmed what I've always

known made Gary a great actor -- he LISTENED.


So that's why CineBabe asked me if I watched it. I never listen. I enjoy my own

voice and words far more than anyone else's. It's one of the many qualities that I love

about myself. :D:P


I like Ernie. He's always brought an honest energy to the performances I've seen of

his. I love Marty and The Wild Bunch and...



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Frank, when you clean your house, do you listen to Muppet music?


:D I have really enjoyed The Muppet Show clips you have posted. It really was a

smart show. Who were/are your favorite muppets?


That is, if you ever clean your house.


That's more accurate. The filth loves me and I love the filth. :P

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Well...after mentioning a couple of tunes over in the Western's Rambles... I went in and looked them up...sure enough... there's a youtube for almost every occassion.. Ha. :-)


(For those who don't know the reference... these are all songs that bring to mind matrimonial promises given and kept....)






(this is one that I did not mention in the other thread...but has also been a long time favorite... I actually got to sing this w/ a bluegrass band at my brother's wedding...though I am sure not nearly so well as is sung here...)




And the following youtube is for the one other song I referenced in westerns. Though NOT usually one thought of regarding "marriage" promises...there is an explanation over in western movie rambles for any who care...and for those who don't... well...just enjoy the music and think of this as a fun song to listen to as a change of pace after all the mushy "love" stuff. Ha. :-)



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you guys have been busy posting videos! some of them are very nice, and the muppets ones are cute. i dunno if any of you has seen a new movie that is called 'nick & norah's infinite playlist', it came out just this week and it has some good music. (no it has nothing to do with william powell and myrna loy).




by the way if you are wondering why you never heard of Where's Fluffy? before, it is a fictional band, but many other ones in the soundtrack are real. i will try to find more videos later.


party on!


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hey, theresa!


I haven't seen Bill Forsythe's THAT SINKING FEELING, but would like to. Then I understand he did GREGORY'S TWO GIRLS, which I hadn't even heard of before! I've seen COMFORT AND JOY, which for me isn't up to the standards of LOCAL HERO and GREGORY'S GIRL.


I'm sure someone else might have mentioned this in a previous post (so forgive me if I'm regurgitating it) but weren't Boyce and Hart the duo who were in a "Bewitched" episode, where Serena sings one of their songs?

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I watched *Nick and Norah's* a while back, it's a bit flimsy but good-hearted. I'm not really too familiar with the music, but it was kind of nice and mellow for the most part. In a way it kind of struck me as an updated version of *The Last Days of Disco*, a Whit Whitman film from the 90s (but set in the 70s I think).





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Hi Chris... I got to thinking more and more about "favorite" hymns after you shared yours (Holy, Holy, Holy" over in the Rambles thread...


I still maintain I can't choose a favorite because there are just so many... but I really do enjoy all the old standards...


Here are links to only SOME of my favorites (and I stress SOME) Truth is, I could likely have posted every hymn on the site below as a favorite. (Again... lots of solid doctrine and also that bit about a "fun" alto part.) Ha! :-)


(PS...folks...to those who may take issue w/ reading Christian lyrics... Please be advised these are all links to a site that contains lyrics and melodies to old standard Christian hymns...open only if you want to)












Oh...PS.. I should also include... Just about anything Fanny Crosby ever wrote... :-)


Message was edited by: rohanaka

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Thanks Nightwalker... Great choices, all. You had one on there I had never heard before (He Giveth More Grace) I always have room for another new favorite. :-)


Rock of Ages always makes me think of this one too: (I had to get at least on Fanny Crosby on here) :-)




PS: Anita... glad you enjoyed them.

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