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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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>written by Michael Nesmith


Good morning JF,


Love that song--especially when Linda Ronstadt does it.


You and I, obviously, believe the Monkees were a *legitimate* Rock and Roll group. I could name up to 10 bands or artists who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who did not come close to accomplishing what the Monkees did.


Have a great day...

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Hey, Jake,


I couldn't find a decent version with Linda... there is one on youtube but they chopped it all up, or talk all the way through it. So I tried to find a version that was similar... and I do like Mathew Sweet, the guitar and background vocal artist in that clip.


Have a great morning!



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I love Gershwin too. I hope you have Gershwin by Gershwin, a wonderful compilation of recordings from radio and piano rolls that Gershwin himself cut. This song is one of the piano roll selections.


I would have liked to have met him - he seems the epitome of 1920's New York to me. So cool.


I especially love the key change at about 2:06 into this song.




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aaaahhhh, George....aaaaahhhhhhhhh!


I am amazed, watching those clips again after all this time, at how poised the boys (especially Paul) were in that first appearance. I mean, what would you be thinking, if you were them?


Thanks Jake. There will never be another band like that.


CB - loved the In My Life clip. Probably my favorite Beatles song.

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>Different stages, different ages...


Just three years apart and so different musically and even culturally. Even these two are a testament to the variety of music that Lennon wrote. My favorite "opposite ends" of his works "Julia" to "I Am The Walrus." And those are only a year apart.

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