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Off Topic: Favorite Music?


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Aimee Mann grew up down the road from me. She was a little older than I am.


There is one song that sticks in my head, not her best but it reminds me of a certain era and my misspent youth. :)


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I almost dated a guy who dated Aimee Mann. Does that make us related, molo? :)


A kind of bizarre brush with fame....


I think both those songs are really good... there are very few of hers I don't like, but I absolutely love her *I'm With Stupid* CD. Every song is super, and the whole thing fits together like a story.


I also like Telescope which she and Elvis Costello wrote.


"Come Dancing" is great! ... and I love the video, it's one of the really good ones.

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Mr. Grimes, I have now been up for a couple of hours, and I am mad at you.


This is nothing new. :P


I can't get Come Dancing out of my head....Thanks a lot.....


la la la lala laaa la la la la, la la la lala laaa la la la la........


:D I really do love that song. MTV played a huge role in my young life back then and

I loved that video when it first came out. Now that I'm older, I understand the meaning

and the feeling behind the song.


And since we're giving out long-distance dedications, here's one for Sweet T. I hope she

gets back on the board soon. It's still one of the most beautiful songs ever.



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