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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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> {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote}

> I looked up other Pennsylvania bands and couldn't find anyone I knew except the Dead Milkmen.



Now we know what his day job is. A dead milkman. It fits!

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Ah, so many great groups, so little time to listen. In no particular order: Chili Peppers,

New Order, Radiohead, Stereolab, Sublime, Smashing Pumpkins, and still at the

top of the toppermost, the Beatles.

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The Beatles




Depeche Mode


Dixie Chicks


Pussycat Dolls




Frank Sinatra


Bin Crosby


Dean Martin


Elvis Presley


Bob Dylan






Barbra Streisand


Sarah Brightman


Alanis Morrissette


Mariah Carey


Britney Spears


Christina Aguilera




Types of music:






new age



I love 60's, 70's, 80's music and of course 20's - 50's.

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I'm not really a raver, but I do enjoy those two groups. Might as well add a few more:


Pink Floyd, REM, U2, and the whole Throwing Muses/Breeders/Belly conurbation.

You really need a genealogical chart for those folks. And old-time reggae:

Bob Marley, Toots, Burning Spear.


Maybe this post will actually make it through.

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They've been good and around for so long, sometimes they get lost in the shuffle.

I missed the last few CDs, but did get Accelerate. Nothing surprising, but

good old REM music. And, if you're pressed for time, it's only a little over half

an hour long.


Maybe this post will go through too.

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Posting stuff like this isn't going to help.


Try sending a private message to the TCM Web Administrator. (See the top of the list on the main page for their name to PM) and maybe they can help more directly.

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There are young people who use this message board. Your language is appalling, and I don't care how upset you are. You were able to think clearly enough to misspell a certain word so that it would appear on this website, so please try to think a little more clearly the next time you put those words out there so everyone can see.

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Thought I'd share some sweet-sounding soundtrack music I've been collecting lately.


I believe one Amazon review or reviewer called the "Clueless" TV theme, Ordinary Girl (1996),

by *China Forbes* a "sugary pop confection". (The rare single from '96 can usually be found for sale online).


Some other newer soundtracks, mostly Disney, follow in that genre.


Anyhow, I've been picking out just two or three songs from each movie to make an EP or mini-album.


It all began with Aquamarine co-starring *Emma Roberts.*

She does a song called "Island in the Sun". Pure escapism.


The song wouldn't leave me alone the next day so I had to get the soundtrack.

Her voice is so clear and fresh!


She's only done one other soundtrack song which led me to yet another soundtrack. Would like to hear more from this young rising star!


(I've sampled her "Unfabulous" TV soundtrack and sorry to say there's nothing worthwhile there - but everyone has to start somewhere).


*Caleigh Peters* has but three soundtrack songs and one movie led me to another with those too.

Her music video, "Reach", is included as a bonus feature on

Disney's Ice Princess DVD, BTW.


As with "Reach" several of these songs contain positive, inspiring messages -

believe in one's self and what's right, overcome obstacles, always give your all

and don't let anyone make you doubt.


Since Aquamarine I've found a few other soundtracks with two or three exceptional songs each.


Emma's still the best, though!



*Aquamarine* Soundtrack


1. Cheyenne Kimball - One Original Thing


2. Emma Roberts - Island in the Sun




*Ice Princess* Soundtrack


1. Emma Roberts - If I Had It My Way


2. Caleigh Peters - Reach




*Go Figure* Soundtrack (Disney Channel movie)


1. Cadence Grace - Crash Goes My World


2. Caleigh Peters - I Can Do Anything


3. Everlife - Go Figure (The rockin' title track from girl-group, Everlife)




The latest one I've discovered is a little more rockin':


*Herbie Fully Loaded* Soundtrack


1. Caleigh Peters - Fun, Fun, Fun


2. Aly & AJ - Walking on Sunshine




I personally guarantee these songs to cheer one's day. ; )


Message was edited by: Snorky

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I personally guarantee these songs to cheer one's day.


I am holding you to that guarantee!


Hey, it works....




Here's the original by Weezer:




(This is one of my daughters favorite songs)

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Another bright young star with plenty of acting and musical talent

is *Demi Lovato*.


Her new album, Don't Forget, is decidedly more rocking than the music

I mentioned in my last post.

I went ahead and bought the deluxe edition when it came out recently -

it has a couple extra songs and a short DVD which I have yet to watch.


She also stars in the new Disney series, *Sonny with a Chance*,

a truly funny and well-written sitcom and my favorite new show.


I sent out this youtube link a while back and received more responses to that

one e-mail than anything else I recall lately.

Guaranteed to make you feel patriotic no matter what side of the political spectrum you're on;

it's *Demi Lovato* singing the National Anthem at last Thanksgiving's Cowboys vs. Seahawks game:



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It occurs to me that people might like to know what they're clicking on.

Maybe you could just say, "Here's a Staple Singers video", or whatever.

Just trying to be helpful here.

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