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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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I've search for the Roberta Flack recording, which was perfect... but this one captures it. . .

Radka Toneff:




Don't let someone go to sleep without letting them know they're loved.

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The Everly Bros. R & R with a Country twang. But they could look with the times...

First clip, they sing a hit from 1957 but looking like the moptops of the period:




Singing All I Have to Do is Dream, another late fifties hit, this time keeping up with 1972:



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Happy Sunday morning-

No choral this morning, but let's appreciate the prelude/postlude. The organ music is to set the mood. I want to hear Bach, and no one one does if better for me than Virgil Fox:


"Gigue" Fugue



Fugue in G minor






Hum, did glaziers use a kaleidescope in designing rosette stained glass windows?

h4. And yes, he played all from memory!


Hope your Sunday mood is infectious to the glory of God.

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Paul Simon. He, along Billy Joel are my troubadours. Paul started a concert series in South Africa this week in 1992. The first two are from his earlier concert in 1987.







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