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Off Topic: Favorite Music?

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> {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote}


> Casablancalover,

> You mentioned your Dad's Glenn Miller connection...well I have one, too - I'm very proud that my uncle was a writer/arranger for Glenn Miller (& others before & after his time with Glenn) but his Miller connection is what I think is so cool. I still always get a little thrill seeing his name on the records. After getting out of The Service he went with Tommy Dorsey, then in the early 1950's started his own band which was very successful.



> He passed away in June of 2008 at age 91. He was a very interesting and nice guy. And very smart about lots of other things in addition to music.

> I went to his funeral. Many of his surviving old bandmates were there. Oh, the stories those old guys told! I wish I could have recorded them!



I didn't mean to appear so "mysterious" by not mentioning who my uncle was! I'm proud of him!


Here's Uncle Bill with his partner Eddie Sauter introducing one of their most famous tunes, from a May 1954 "Colgate Comedy Hour" show:




Bill was an excellent musician (even if he's better known for his writing and arranging). I love his solo near the end of this number! (You can tell they had a sense of humor too!)


Anyone else remember this band and their innovative recordings?

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> {quote:title=casablancalover wrote:

> }{quote}That was a great youtube video. Thank you.


Glad you enjoyed it.

By the way, you may have noticed what looks like a puddle of water on the floor during the number. Although I do have a copy of that complete show, I can't recall right now why that was, but let me just say that Abbott & Costello were also guests on that show and had just done a sketch, so that should explain it!


Here's Uncle Bill introducing The Sauter- Finegan Orchestra in another great performance from that same show (a 1954 Colgate Comedy Hour). This is an Eddie Sauter composition with lots of wild percussion:



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I've heard various reissues of the Glenn Miller music from the two films they made. Even though the songs were recorded in stereo at the time, and I believe one of the films has been reissued in stereo...the best reissue to date is "Glenn Miller In Hollywood". True mono sound but really sounds good. Beats the sound quality of the RCA 78 rpm reissues. Hollywood studios used advanced sound recording techniques not normally uised by reciord companies.

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