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O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?

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'O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?': 5 **** Moments

O.J. Simpson recalls a friend named Charlie and "blood" at the hypothetical scene of the crime in Fox's two-hour special based on a 2006 interview


...........the footage finally aired, to mixed reviews. (If I Did It was eventually published by Beafort Books in September 2007, and the Goldman family won 90 percent of the proceeds of the sale of the book rights; an attorney for the Goldman family said they "welcomed" the airing of the tapes, saying that the special allowed "everyone to make their own judgment.")

"I think Charlie is O.J. This is no hypothetical," said Christopher Darden, who was one of the prosecutors in the 1994 trial and also part of a panel of experts on Sunday night's special. "I think he confessed to murder." 

Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson's current attorney, said Monday the idea that the hypothetical account amounted to a confession was "a joke."......

And I remember I grabbed the knife – I do remember that portion, taking a knife from Charlie – and to be honest after that I don't remember, except I'm standing there and there's all kind of stuff around and …" As he trailed off, Regan picked up the thread and asked, "What kind of stuff?" to which he replied, "Blood and stuff." ......

....He wound up serving nine years in prison for an armed robbery conviction in connection with a 2007 incident in Las Vegas. He was paroled in October.

The special closed with images of Nicole Simpson, Ron Goldman and a final shot of O.J. Simpson’s mug shot from his June 1994 arrest."


& http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/oj-simpson-fox-lost-confession-judith-regan-1202723695/


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Does It Actually Shine a Light on Domestic Violence?

It definitely does. One argument in favor of airing this interview now is that the panel can contextualize Mr. Simpson’s comments in ways that Fox might not have cared to do in 2006. When he confesses to getting “physical” with her on the nights when she called the police, for example, Mr. Simpson is quick to note that “she started it,” prompting Mr. Darden and others to clarify just how violent and threatening he had been, according to the first responders......

....it is remarkable over the course of the interview how often Mr. Simpson — unbidden — deflects blame back onto Ms. Brown, insisting that the media and the lawyers didn’t talk enough about her shortcomings during the trial. That’s textbook abuser behavior, persistently implying, “She was asking for it.”

Also while the program doesn’t make too much of it, Ms. O’Brien’s narration subtly lays out a story of privilege, wherein the authorities (and the public) give a battered woman less credence than the rich, famous man who tormented her.........

.... It’s a piece of broadcasting and cultural history, which supplements all the other O.J. Simpson coverage that filled the airwaves recently. As unpleasant as “The Lost Confession” is — and though it doesn’t offer any definitive closure — it’s still an illuminating part of a story that’s been captivating us for more than two decades now, with no signs of losing its pull. "


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Charlamagne Tha GodVerified account @cthagod 22h22 hours ago


OJ Simpson is a psychopath. If committing the murders doesn't convince you then doing a interview detailing what happened when he committed the murders "hypothetically" will. #DidOjConfess



Nika be™ @NikaBe_ 21h21 hours ago


This whole interview is going to be used in psychology classes & the study of human sociopathic behavior. #DidOJConfess

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Didn't want to start a new thread and this being the most recent (or could be relevant :o). I'm reusing one of my Purina Cat calendars and OJ Simpson's cat from the 1990's, Sheena is on January.  In the commentary he said it's like having a second wife.  :lol:


Best pic I can take, sorry for the glare.


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