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Does anyone recognize the following description, or am I delusional? (I'm starting to wonder about the latter.)


A few years ago I watched a black and white film (it's possible it was silent--I am used to watching subtitled films and supply the sound in my head, call me weird). The major synopsis is as follows:


A man was cheated by his fellow partners and made to take the rap for some illegal business activity. As a result the man faked his own death to avoid the authorities and wound up meeting a strange gypsy-like lady who had the ability to transform living people into tiny dolls who would then follow her commands. The man dresses like an old woman (dollmaker) and brings these dolls to the homes of his partners. At night, the dolls are awakened and commanded by the man and his gypsy friend. I'm not sure as to the details of whether the men are turned into dolls themselves or they are made to confess in order to clear the main character's reputation. Also, the main character has a daughter whom he visits and is very concerned about clearing his name so that she won't suffer financial hardship and shame.


Anyway, that's all I can remember except for the fact that the gypsy is in love with the man and doesn't want to stop making the little dolls. If anyone knows what film this is, I'd really appreciate the info. This is driving me nuts because the film was really good and I'd like my friends to see it. I was certain that "dollmaker" was in the title, but I can't seem to find a reference to the movie anywhere.




me (Amber)

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Hello Amber -


This isn't the type of film I usually know anything about - but I happened to catch part of the film last November when it was introduced by Guest Programmer Danny DeVito.


The title is The Devil Doll from 1936. It stars Lionel Barrymore and was directed by Tod Browning. You can read the TCM webarticle about the film here -



and the entry in the tcmdatabase here -



So you're not delusional just yet.


Kyle In Hollywood

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