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How do you watch your movies ?

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When you decide that its Movie Time and you put in a DVD or watch a movie on TV..ok well TCM for example...something to focus on..how do you watch..what I mean is

Lying down on the couch - on your stomach &/or back

Sitting up on a couch or a love seat

Watching in bed

Its on while I'm doing things around the house

I am the lying down type, I can focus better for some reason..the drawback is if I am really comfortable I fall asleep or doze off unless I am not really tired..I have a little become choosy when I pick a movie depending on the time of day it is..weeknights are the hardest for me to stay awake...

I just watched the Third Man for the 2nd time...I watched this during a weeknight & passed out, but on a weekend afternoon I watched, was focused and not feeling tired & I found this to be a great movie to watch and own...


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For sure, the best way to watch a great classic movie is to sit in a recliner 10 feet from the T.V. screen and stare at it. However, I rarely have the time for such luxury. I usually am doing something else such as ironing, paying bills, or doing the dishes while the movie is on.

I find this intriguing: Whenever I paint a room, I put a movie in the DVD player and just listen to the audio. We have a lot of woodwork in our house and it is tedious and takes a lot of time to paint. As I paint, I am forced to visualize what is happening. And, the actors' lines become paramount. I can tell you what movie I was watching (well, listening to) when I was painting each windowsill or doorway in our house!

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I am always doing something besides watching. I make alot of things for charity. So I'm sitting in bed watching from the DVR list of movies and sewing on snaps, making pillows or making jewelry. Or when I'm in real pain, lying down flat. But the nice thing is if I get lost from the movie of miss something I can go back and watch it again. Sometimes I'll pause the movie to draw a dress that I see to make for a Barbie doll.

And then also when I'm watching Errol Flynn I have my hand on the pause button. He is so beautiful.

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I love to sit on my couch with a blanket, light my candles and have a glass (or 2 ) :) of wine while watching a movie. I love to just get lost in the film and forget about the real world for a couple of hours. I'm really looking forward to keeping my New Year's resolution by watching Beau Brummel tonight! :)


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Most of the time I watch movies either sitting on my bed in my room, or sitting on the couch, and I'm either eating some sort of junk food, or working on my crafts( I'm a cross-stitich addict) while watching the movie. I've watched movies lying down, but that really doesn't work for me because 75% of the time end up falling asleep, especially during the morning hours.

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I only watch movies by myself. I have tried watching movies with other people but I get annoyed with how cynical people are. They always talk during the movie or somtimes they make fun of the movie. I like to sit at the edge of my bed and go into another world, you can't do that when you are with someone else, it's your own experience.

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