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Lesbian Vampires

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I think "The Vampire Lovers" is seriously underrated. It is one of the best films Hammer ever made. Roy Ward Baker, the director, did a fine job with the material, and Ingrid Pitt gave a good performance, stressing the loneliness of the vampire's existence. When she weeps when she sees a funeral, realizing that everyone (except her) must die, it is actually moving.

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Heres a bad one

Vampiros Lesbos..

A lot of Jesse Franco movies have to do with lesbian vampires but theyre not very good

His best movie IMO is Awful Dr Orloff...

Most of his movies are just poo..(IMO)

I have learned to "Jess Say NO!"

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I did...and well..


Terrible movie

Slimy characters, utter boredom..we are talking MST3K material

The DVD Cover to this movie, the artwork is the same as another horror title, I cant think of the name of it but the covers both have the upside down woman....

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Not a true vampire, more likely a snakepire, and not truly a lesbian, more likely bisexual w/ just a hint of pedophilia, but Amanda Donohoe as Lady Sylvia Marsh in "Lair of the White Worm."


Again, not truly a lesbian, more likely a bisexual, but another good one, Gloria Holden as the Countess in "Dracula's Daughter."


While I have not seen it, the first truly lesbian vampiress seems to have been in 1960's "Blood and Roses."


Though she might have been preceded by at least two other possible lesbian vampiresses in 1932's "Vampyr" and 1958's "Blood of Dracula."

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