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How many movies do you watch in a Day/week/Month????

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My Dad and I watched 3, count 'em 3 movies yesterday!!! Not a typical night to say the least. But, usually see 5-6 movies a week. I usually get brain fog if I watch movies back to back to back, no matter how good they are. If I do watch several in a day, I need a break between them.

But, everyone is different, as we all know. Asked a question like this on a jazz board years ago(How many hours a day do you listen to jazz?) and I said 1-2 hours, mainly driving to and fro was plenty, but other people gladly listened to music almost every waking hour, and never tired of it!!!

So...how many do you watch????

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Between 5-10 a week. I just got into movies last summer when I moved to an area that got TCM. I quickly plowed through the AFI 100 list (with the help of my library), as well as many of the greatest films lists, foreign and domestic. I felt like I needed some catching up.


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Let's see my partner & I see at least 2-3 films per weekend in theater, Rent about 2 films every week & we own over 1000 DVD's between My partner and I. I also do the Phoenix and Denver Film Fest every year!


When it's our day off, we have TCM playing at least 12 hrs out of a 24 hr day!

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Ive got Netflix - 4 movies a week

plus if I have time to watch something on my own

The time of the movie also affects how many I get to see..I tend to watch longer movies on the weekend & weeknights under 90 minutes..I tend to fall asleep weeknights so need to have energy to watch things - caffeine or an energy drink

My movie project is to watch a lot of classics that I hadnt ever heard of ..its a great hobby for me and probably a lot of members here too..

I spread my viewing habits from horror/scifi/fantasy to now include Noir/Mystery/Classic..Im really into trying most anything...I decided to watch the remaining Hitchcock movies I havent seen, check out Robert Mitchum, Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford box set titles, to see if I want any of those movies....and there are some Alpha titles, that if I like them I can do the 5 for 25.00 deal...

I have viewed Orson Wells' movies, Controversial Classics, Noir Volumes, all for the sake of seeing things for the first time that I am curious about...between these classics there are lots of newer movies I have to see like the Mist, D-wars (this will be a waste of time I bet)

I am not into War movies so at least I know what not to rent

Not every film I will see is going to be a winner, but I would like to see as many as I want...this will be a year long project...

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I have Blockbuster On-line which I like better than Netflix. With Blockbuster on-line you don't have to send you movies back and wiat to get more, after you watched the films you get in the mail just return them to a Blockbuster Store, & you can exhange it for another free film!

In addition Blockbuster also sends coupons Via Email for free rentals too!


Also I try to rent from Mom/Pop Video stores since they carry alot of hard to find films!

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I tend to watch 10-20 movies a week, to begin with I watch most them on TCM, I also like to watch alot of movies that come on other movie channels, you have to also factor in the movies from my DVD collection, and then the other movies I watch are those that are playing at movie theaters near by, it depends upon what has come out, I mean some months, I tend to see about 8 different movies, but other months there seems to be a lot of junk out, and I'll see about 2 different movies.


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