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Astrology Movies? Which movies have this theme?


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What movies have astrology themes besides When's Your Birthday? When I first got TCM I saw one about murder and they were murdered by their signs, in order. Have no idea what it was but I would like to see it again.


What other movies have this theme? Any help would be appreciated.


=) BTW my birthday is 2/5. Aquarius

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There was a similarly-titled (but very different) movie from 1938, "When Were You Born?" Here's part of the description from allmovie.com --


"When horoscope specialist Mary Lee Liang (Anna May Wong) predicts the death of importer Philip Corey (James Stephenson), her prophecy comes true in a surprisingly short time thanks to a mysterious killer. Mary then assists the police in their investigation of Corey's murder, using her knowledge of the zodiac to draw up a psychological profile of the culprit."


I don't know if that's the one you're looking for, but it's in the ballpark. TCM has shown it at least a couple of times in past years.

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The cult musical "Athena," starring Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds delves into astrology and other metaphysical matters in a really fun, lighthearted way...There's even a beautiful song, "Love Can Change The Stars" that involves astrology in the score. It's a really wild movie!


There's also an early Carole Lomard feature titled "Supernatural" that if memory serves touches upon astrological endeavors as well.


In "A Streetcar Named Desire," Blanche DuBois (Vivien Leigh) and Stanley Kowalski (Marlon Brando) have a brief exchange concerning their astrological signs. Ditto for Judy Garland and Van Johnson in a scene from "In The Good Old Summertime."


Hope this helps. I'm Cancerian, by the way (July 13th)...

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*Casanova Brown* has astrology in it. When Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright get married, her mother freaks out b/c she believes heavily in astrology and says that the way the stars were aligned on that day spells out catastrophe for them. He tries to argue with her but then accidentally burns her parents house down :).


A lot of horror movies use astrology too but right now I'm blanking on any specific titles.

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1944's HEAVENLY BODY with William Powell. Fun film.


1932's THIRTEEN WOMEN with Myrna Loy and Irene Dunn, which was shown in November - more of a hypnotist than astrologer, but astrology was the front.


PLOT TO KILL HITLER, for example, is one that has the requisite tangential reference, but I'd be hard-pressed to call this an 'astrology as theme' or even significant part of this film.


You can also do a "Keyword" SEARCH in IMDB for "astrology", "horoscope" and find a few hundred other titles.

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Interestingly, three films with Jimmy Stewart mention astrology.


Constance Collier in ROPE talks about movie stars and their signs; i.e., "James Mason is a Taurus".


And in HARVEY, Josephine Hull tells the doctor Elwood's, hers, and Myrtle Mae's signs: "Elwood's the 23rd of April; he's Taurus the bull; I'm Leo, and Myrtle Mae is on the cusp."


In BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE, Stewart and Janice Rule go to the Zodiac Club, where they are told the stars are aligned favorably in Pisces and a good evening will be had.


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"Sunset Blvd" has several references to astrology!!


For example:


Norma: My astrologist has read my horoscope, he's read DeMille's horoscope




Norma: I'd have to have somebody I can trust. When were you born --

I mean, what sign of the zodiac


GILLIS I don't know.


NORMA What month?


GILLIS December twenty-first.


NORMA Sagittarius. I like Sagittarians. You can trust them.

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"Thirteen Women" starred Myrna Loy in a very exotic role. Thirteen women

who were classmates send to a "swami" for their horoscopes.

Myrna plays a hypnotist with a grudge against all of these women and

after putting the swami under her spell, arranges for all the women to

meet bad ends according to the predictions.

Ricardo Cortez and Irene Dunne also star.

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