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EYE OF THE DEVIL: It's Alpo Time


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Devil worship at a French chateau, tedious and protracted, with a waste of veteran British cast. Handsomely photographed with evocative b&w cinematography but pretentiously directed. Unfortunately Deborah Kerr's character acts like someone half her age, all tremulous and quivering and begging to understand the weird events going on around her. She tries to get through to a listless David Niven, who has some family business to take of that she can't be any part of. Mysterious blonde brother and sister David Hemmings and Sharon Tate hang around for generational "atmosphere" (Miss Tate's voice is dubbed) and to frighten the bejeesus out of our "heroine". Donald Pleasance as a priest has one expression on his face. This could possibly be the worst performance I've ever seen him give. My t.v. heartthrob from "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", Edward Mulhare, is around to instruct Kerr on the antiquarian esoteric elements of her husband's (and the villager's) beliefs but he unfortunately doesn't stick around long enough for me.


When you want everything to be over as soon as it begins, and when a nightmare sequence is as boring as the daytime scenes, you know it's time to get out the doggie bowl.


Stupidest moment: After witnessing all the horrors taking place around her, Deborah intones: "I...SHALL....NEVER....COME....HERE....AGAIN!!!


No kidding.


You-see-it-coming "ironic" ending.


A total waste of time. For real chills along similiar black-robed satanic lines, but without the pretense and arty camera angles, I highly suggest the sleeper HORROR HOTEL instead.


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I got in the middle of the film, (Yes I have seen "EYE OF THE DEVIL" before) but still I can't jsut can't beleive how silly how the whole thing is!! The ending where David Niven gets killed I just stare in disbelief ! Sharon Tate is the only worth watching the film for!


YouTube - Sharon Tate Eye of the Devil trailer



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