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Posted here for lack of a better place to ask this....


Are these forums moderated at all? I am being very rudely and somewhat nastily insulted in the "Castle of the Living Dead" thread in General Discussions. I asked a simple question and am rudely being attacked by someone....and I don't appreciate the attitude or whatever reason this person has for being nasty like he is.

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There IS a TCM Web Administrator, and I assume he/she checks the forums on occasion. Recently, some posts with blatant profanity were removed, so somebody is watching (and that's a good thing). On occasion, a thread is locked by the Administator (allowing no further responses) when things get way out of hand.


The difficulty with some posts is that the reader cannot tell if the responder is being humorous, sarcastic, condescending, or just downright mean. Also, some people do not read a post in its entirety, or misunderstand what the poster is saying/asking, which generally causes more chaos. Finally, some people cannot tolerate criticism of their opinions, and respond with personal insults.


You will need to develop a thick skin at times. If all else fails, you can use the Ignore button to eliminate unruly responders. Good luck, and I hope you remain on the boards!



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"I asked a simple question..." - kriegerg69


Yes you did. It was rather angry sounding and accusatory, but you did ask a simple question.


And the reply, from what I read and "understand", agreed with your opinion (albeit in a oblique and sardonic manner) that the quality of the print of the film was "lacking". But you didn't read it that way and took offense to the poster and their reply. And then you insulted that poster with sarcasm.


Sorry you were disappointed in the showing of the film and that it wasn't in better shape for recording. But you shouldn't take out your frustration on someone who shared your opinion.


So TCM. is it possible to acquire a better print of Castle Of The Living Dead? The print shown yesterday, from what I hear, is kinda shabby. If you have the chance, could you look into this. The Castle fans would appreciate it, I am sure.


Kyle In Hollywood

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> {quote:title=PrinceSaliano wrote:}{quote}

> I find the best solution is to use the IGNORE feature. That way, you cannot be baited into a volatile exchange by someone who is obviously looking for a fight. Furthermore, you won't have to involve other posters or the web administrator.


It's always a good idea to throw someone in the bozo bin (old Usenet euphemism for killfile, which ignored posters and threads) when they're obviously being insulting or just downright rude. Sometimes a good cutting remark is worth its weight in gold in dealing with the type, but most people here are looking for information or civilized conversation and not an argument, so IGNORE is the best bet. Someone here has already baited me into an exchange, but I handled it differently. I doubt I'll answer that person again, it seems profitless to engage someone who takes extreme positions.


Moderators can be a good thing, but it can be labor-intensive and the decisions somewhat arbitrary (depending on the skill and biases of the moderator).

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