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Escape me Never


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Escape me Never is a great drama starring Errol Flynn, Ida Lupino and Gig Young.


This is a story of two brothers, two women and a funny misunderstanding in the early 1900's of Venice.


Here is the plot summary from IMDB.com:


It is Venice, 1900, and Fenella is engaged to composer Caryl Dubrok until she hears that an unmarried woman named Gemma and child is staying with a composer named Dubrok. So the engagement is off and so is she for the mountains. There she meets and is intrigued by Sebastian, but she does not know that he is the composer that Gemma is staying with. When she learns about him, Gemma demands that she choose but Fenella cannot so Gemma and Sebastian leave to be married. They go to England to write his Ballet and Caryl and Fenella are re-engaged. But Fenella still loves the fun-loving Sebastian. Written by Tony Fontana {tony.fontana@spacebbs.com}



I seen and taped this movie a year ago when it was Ida Lupino month on TCM. This was probably my favorite of her films from that month that I had not seen yet. Errol is completely charming in this. The relationship between the characters is very entertaining. This film is only available on VHS (used) but it is one film that needs to be released on DVD.


If you are an Errol or Ida fan you will really enjoy this picture and should try and track it down, or at least look for it on the TCM schedule.


It is one of kimpunkrock's Essentials-The Deep Cuts.







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