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TCM in Cyprus


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Hi Fred,

No couldnt see our schedule in the list but it is not the GB schedule. All the films are in the original English format (have TCM in England) but strange that here in Cyprus Films dont start until 4PM GMT and for the datime leading up to 4PM there are childrens cartoons in english and the logo of CN in the top corner......Regards PC49

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PC49 -


These are not the most "viewer friendly" sites for getting the European schedules but they are the only ones that I know of that may have the info you seek.


This site -


has links to the Corporate Websites for all Euopean Turner Networks. One of which is TCM.


On the above page you will see a TCM area (with the Clint Eastwood Image) with a drop down window listing various TCM satellite feeds for Europe. I believe one of the following two options will cover Cyprus.


There is one listed as "Pan Euro Middle East and Africa". But you mentioned that you only receive TCM each day after 4pm and this satellite feed is 24-hours/Day. Just in case, here is a direct link to a page with a link to a PDF with the monthly schedule for February 2008.


This daily schedule starts at 600CET so this may not apply.


A second offering is listed as "Central and Eastern Europe". This offers schedules for two different satellite feeds one which is 24-hours/Day and another that runs from 2100 - 0300 CET. You can access the schedule choices here -



But having looked at both options (in a PDF or a 'doc' file) the "short schedule' is just an abbreviated offering of the 24-Hour/Day schedule. For simplicity, I'd download/open the PDF for the entire day.


It is possible that ATHENASAT splits the channel with the Cartoon Network during the day and TCM only in the evening. If that is the case, the 24-Hour/Day PDF schedule may still apply. (This schedule starts at 300 CET)


For February 1st, it lists the titles -

03.00 CET The Fastest Gun Alive - Glenn Ford

04.30 CET Marie Antoinette - Norma Shearer

07.00 CET The Comedians - Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor


If any of this looks familiar for today, then this is the feed you are receiving and you'll have to "edit" the schedule accordingly.


I hope one of these options has what you are looking for. If not, you can look at the other European options available from the first link I provided and hopefully find something that applies to your location/situation. And I suggest you bookmark the page when you find the correct schedule for Cyprus.


If all else fails, I'd contact ATHENASAT. They may know where you can access a TCM schedule for your use.


Good Luck!


Kyle In Hollywood

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Hi Fred,

No afraid not, dont forget, during the day there are Childrens Cartoons showing at the moment Sunday 3rd Feb 08 at 1946 hrs GMT there is an Errol Flyn Chapanese war film on if that helps... Regards PC49

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Hi everyone,

No none of your "Offerings were our Schedule, 2 progs we have just had on Sunday 4th Feb 08 an Errol Flyne Japanese war film ended at 1945hrs GMT and just started is "Cannery Row" at 2000hrs GMT Hope it now becomes " Elementary My Dear Watson"! Thank you all for your help perhaps together we can crack this. Will try Athenasat E-mail....Regards PC 49

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