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The Searchers

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Is it no longer possible to search the Message Board for posts written before 2006? Unforunately, I have a memory that enables me to recall tidbits from conversations pre-'06, yet not clearly enough. So from time to time I'm wont to refer to these older posts. While searching tonight, I see that the time choices only go back to "Last Year 2006". Is it possible to do add a "Ancient Search" way back to the early 2000's?


Thanks for your help and consideration.

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Hi JackBurley -


"Living In The Past" are we?


Fred may be correct about the "all" option. I do know that the Message Board archives are a bit "wonky" since the "upgrade". (I've heard another fix/upgrade is on the way.)


I do think it helps to include the name of a poster when doing your search. And it can sometimes take multiple tries - at different times of the day. Also try different arrangements of the search terms in the window. I recently looked for a post with the press release on the Paramount Leases starting in 2008 and I had to search about five times for it to finally get listed.


But I don't know if one can go back as far as the early years of the decade. There was a major overhaul around 2005 ( hence so few membership dates prior to that year ) and that makes threads from that era hard to locate.


Otherwise "How Are Ya!"? It's great to see your name around here.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Thanks you two. I tried Mr. Dobbs' suggestion last evening. It showed promise, but ultimately disappointment. The search showed that there were at least six pages of results, however it wouldn't allow me to open more than two. So I sighed and mosied back to the Oasis...

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