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[b]The TCM Programming Challenge- Love Potion #9[/b]


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The TCM Programming Challenge - Your Chance to be Robert Osborne


Today is the start of the next TCM Programming Challenge. This is a friendly "competition" among members of the TCM Message Boards at programming a week of Turner Classic Movies.


If you are one of those folks who are not Oscar inclined, you can spend the month creating your own schedule of films you would like to see on TCM. If you love Oscar February, no doubt you can work the challenge into your busy viewing schedule. Remember, TCMProgrammr does read these boards and has used ideas from previous challenges.


Following in Kyle's footsteps (which I often gladly do), this is another KISS - "Keep It Simple, Stupid"(meaning Me!) - so in this Challenge there will be just one Special Programming Theme to incorporate into your week.


Here are the Programming Challenge basics to creating your week of TCM -


1. Create one week of programming for TCM that runs from Sunday to Saturday. Start your programming days at the appropriate hour (6am EST / 3amPST, etc.) and begin each evening's Primetime Selections at the appropriate hour. (8pm EST / 5pm PST, etc.)


2. Choose A Star Of The Month to spotlight one evening during your week.


3. Include the following TCM Showcases during the week - The Essentials, Silent Sunday Nights, TCM Imports and TCM Underground.


4. Have a theme for for each of the remaining evenings during the week including one evening devoted to the theme for this Challenge- Movies I Love- this is your opportunity to be Robert Osborne. Each month, there is an evening devoted to Bob's Picks, those films of significant meaning to him.


Your evening would be an evening where you spotlight the films you love. You have full creative control here. Are you a Ernst Lubitsch romantic or a Billy Wilder cynic? A Lang noir lover? A Mann Western lover? A MGM musical lover or an RKO musical lover? Makes no difference, as long as your slate for this particular evening is filled with movies you love. If you love silents, this can be a silents showcase evening, if foreign films - a spotlight for that, love a director-feel free to spotlight that director, actor, screenwriter, cinematographer, etc. You can cross breed genres if you like, showing a romantic film followed by a cynical film. The choice is yours. Be as creative as you dare to be. But, your picks should tell us something about you and your love of the movies.


Like the last one, for this Challenge there is the limit of seven general premieres set down in the last Challenge and, as before, the TCM Imports, TCM Underground and Silent Sunday Nights Showcases can be programmed with any appropriate film without having to use one of the seven "all-purpose" premieres for your selection.


The film libraries (with hyperlinks) for use in this Challenge are -


Warner Bros. (pre-1950)


MGM (all)


RKO (all)


Columbia Pictures (all)



United Artists (after 1950)


Samuel Goldwyn (all)


Walt Disney (Live Action only)


And, as always, you are free to program any film that has already been presented on TCM regardless of library affiliation and should be designated with a "p/s" symbo l(designating "previously scheduled"). And you can find running times for your film selections by using IMDB.com or TCMDB.com to research your titles.


Other elements to consider programming into a schedule include recognizing star birthdays, film anniversaries and other historical commemorations along with a broad selection of film genres, award winners and other films of cultural or historical importance. If one is looking for some exceptional examples of past Challenge submissions, you can read through past Challenge threads using these links -


Challenge #8

Challenge #7

Challenge #6

Challenge #5

Challenge #4

Challenge #3

Challenge #2

or the original from the immortal Path40a

Challenge #1


Submissions for schedules ends at midnight on Friday, March 7th after which there will be a one week period for voting to determine who will have the honor of moderating the next Challenge.


Post away if there are any questions and thanks to everyone for their patience as I put this announcement together.


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Simple enough for an idiot like me! Everyone should be able to create a schedule this time around. As in the previous Challenge, if I like my attempt, I'll enter it. Otherwise, it will be obliterated from my hard drive to make sure it's never seen by another pair of human eyes.


Tanks a Million, Lynn! :-)

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Simple enough for an idiot like me! Everyone should be able to create a schedule this time around. As in the previous Challenge, if I like my attempt, I'll enter it. Otherwise, it will be obliterated from my hard drive to make sure it's never seen by another pair of human eyes.>>




Like Kyle before me, I wanted to keep the Challenge simple. In my homage to Path40a, the creator, sometimes, keeping it simple is the best road to follow.


I have no doubt that your "attempt" will meet with not only your approval but the approval of many others as well.

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I really like the "Movies I Love" idea, Lynn! Somehow I feel like I'm the guest programmer in my own schedule.


I'm really looking forward to starting this one. The ideas for a lot of themes have been running through my mind for the past few weeks and I couldn't wait for this to start up. Needless to say, when I finally saw this thread, I actually let out a whoop of joy.

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Glad you like the Challenge theme! I look forward not only to yours but everyone else that has signed on so far and hope in the weeks ahead more will take the plunge.


Come on in, the water's warm!

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Great to have you on board and I look forward to your Challenge!


We have seven (hopefully) participants so far:



Fredmill38 aka Donna





and hopefully, Patful


Everyone is welcome to participate! So come on down and join the fun!

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I Can't Belive It. I Got my entire Schedule done in 20 minutes. Amazing.


Sunday November 1st


6:00am: The Shaggy D.A. (1976): Dean Jones, Tim Conway (91min) (Walt Disney Live Action)

8:00am: The Peterville Diamond (1942): Anne Crawford, Donald Stewart (85min) (Warner Bros.)

9:30am: Rain Man (1988): Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise (133min) (United Artists)

Western Classics

12:00pm: C'era una volta il West (1968): Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale (165min) (MGM)

3:00pm: How the West Was Won (1962): Carroll Baker, Lee J. Cobb (162min) (MGM)

6:00pm: High Noon (1952): Gary Cooper, Thomas Mitchell (85min) (Columbia)

7:30pm: The Great Train Robbery (1903): John Manus Dougherty Sr. (12min) (Public Domain)

Who's Who?

8:00pm: The Kids Are Alright (1979): Roger Daltry, John Entwistle (101min) (Paramount/Out of Library)

10:00pm: Tommy (1975): Oliver Reed, Ann Margret (111min) (Columbia)

Silent Sundays

Rin Tin Tin

12:00am: Hills of Kentucky (1927): Rin Tin Tin, Jason Robards Sr. (70min) (Warner Bros.)

1:15am: Where the North Begins (1923): Claire Adams, Rin Tin Tin (60min) (Warner Bros.)

TCM Imports

Henri-Georges Clouzot

2:15am: Myst?re Picasso, Le (1956): Pablo PIcasso (78min) (Samuel Goldwyn)

3:45am: Espions, Les (1957): Curd J?rgens, Peter Ustinov (125min) (Samuel Goldwyn)


Monday November 2nd

6:00am: Caprice de princesse (1933): Marie Bell, Armand Bernard (85min) (Samuel Goldwyn)


7:30am: Mouse in Manhattan (1945) (8min)

7:45am: Romance in Manhattan (1935): Francis Lederer, Ginger Rogers (78min) (RKO)

9:15am: Manhattan Madness (1916): Douglas Fairbanks, Jewel Carmen (50min) (Warner Bros.)

10:15am: Manhattan Angel (1949): Gloria Jean, Ross Ford (50min) (Columbia)

11:15am: Night in Manhattan (1937): Stanley Brown, Billy Daniel (10min) (Paramount/Out of Library)

11:30am: The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984): Jim Henson, Frank Oz (94min) (Columbia)

1:15pm: Music in Manhattan (1944): Anne Shirley, Dennis Day (81min) (RKO)

2:45pm: Redhead from Manhattan (1943): Lupe Velez, Michael Duane (Columbia) (64min)

4:00pm: Manhattan (1979): Woody Allen, Diane Keaton (96min) (United Artists)

6:00pm: The Manhattan Project (1986): John Lithgow, Richard Council (117min) (MGM)

The Films I Love

8:00pm: Jaws (1975): Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw (125min) (Columbia)

10:15pm: The Producers (1968): Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder (88min) (MGM)

11:45pm: Beau Brummel (1924): John Barrymore, Mary Astor (135min) (Warner Bros.)

2:00am: The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957): William Holden, Jack Hawkins (161min) (Columbia)

5:00am: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1936): Tod Slaughter, Stella Rho (76min) (MGM)


Tuesday November 3rd

War Classics

6:30am: Objective, Burma! (1945): Errol Flynn, James Brown (142min) (Warner Bros.)

9:00am: Devil Dogs of the Air (1935): James Cagney, Pat O'Brien (85min) (Warner Bros.)

10:30am: Gunga Din (1939): Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen (117min) (RKO)

12:30pm: The Way to the Stars (1945): Micheal Redgrave, John Mills (87min) (Warner Bros.)

2:00pm: Kelly's Heroes (1970): Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas (144min) (MGM)

4:30pm: Paths of Glory (1957): Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker (87min) (MGM)

6:00pm: La Grande illusion (1937): Jean Gabin, Dita Parlo (114min) (RKO)

Theme of the Month: Death

Vehicle Accidents

8:00pm: Topper (1937): Constance Bennett, Cary Grant (97min) (Hal Roach)

9:45pm: Beetle Juice (1988): Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis (92min) (Touchstone)

11:30pm: Keeper of the Flame (1942): Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn (105min) (MGM)

1:30am: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936): Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur (115min) (Columbia)

3:30am: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963): Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle (182min)


Wensday November 4th

7:00am: Bright Eyes (1934): Shirley Temple, James Dunne (83min) (20th century fox/Out of Library)

8:30am: Defending Your Life (1991): Albert Brooks, Michael Durrel (112min) (Warner Bros./Out of Library) (TCM Premier)

Medical Dramas

10:30am: Awakenings (1990): Robin Williams, Robert De Niro (121min) (COlumbia)

1:00pm: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975): Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher (133min) (United Artists)

3:30pm: Suddenly, Last Summer (1959): Katharine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor (Columbia) (MGM)

Player Pianos

5:30pm: The Music Box (1932): Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy (30min)

6:00pm: Pillow Talk (1959): Rock Hudson, Doris Day (102min) (Universal/Out of Library)

Star of the Month: Pairs

Musical Pairs

Astaire and Rogers

8:00pm: The Gay Divorcee (1934): Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers (107min) (RKO)

10:00pm: Swing Time (1936): Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers (RKo) (103min)

12:00am: Top Hat (1935): Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers (101min) (RKO)

Martin and Lewis

2:00am: The Caddy (1953): Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis (95min) (Paramonut/Out of Library)

4:00am: At War with the Army (1950): Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis (93min) (Paramount/Out of Library)

6:00am: My Friend Irma (1949): Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis (103min) (Paramount/Out of Library)


Thursday November 5th

Hope and Crosby

8:00am: Road to Morocco (1942): Bing Crosby, Bob Hope (MGM) (82min)

9:30am: Road to Hong Kong (1962): Bing Crosby, Bob Hope (91min) (MGM)

11:15am: Road to Bali (1952): Bing Crosby, Bob Hope (91min) (MGM)

The Marx Brothers

1:00pm: Duck Soup (1933): The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont (68min) (Paramount/Out of Library)

2:30pm: Horse Feathers (1932): The Marx Brothers, Themla Todd (68min) (Paramount/Out of Library)

4:00pm: A Day at the Races (1937): The Marx Bros, Allan Jones (111min) (MGM)

6:00pm: A Night at the Opera (1935): The Marx Brothers, Kitty Carlisle (96min) (MGM)

Scores By Bernard Herman

8:00pm: Psycho (1960): Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh (109min) (Universal/Out of Library)

10:00pm: Taxi Driver (1976): Robert De Niro, Cybill Shepard (113min) (Columbia)

12:00am: Citizen Kane (1941): Orson Welles, Dorothy Comingore (119min) (RKO)

2:00am: North by Northwest (1959): Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint (136min) (MGM)

Alfred Hitchcock Double Feature

4:30am: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934): Leslie Banks, Edna Best (RKO) (75min)


Friday November 6th

Rip Torn

6:00am: The Cincinnati Kid (1965): Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson (102min) (MGM)

8:00am: Pork Chop Hill (1959): Gregory Peck, Harry Guardino (97min) (MGM)

10:00am: Men in Black (1997): Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones (97min) (COlumbia)

Noir Classics

12:00pm: The Big Sleep (1946): Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall (114min) (Warner Bros.)

2:00pm: Sunset Blvd. (1950): William Holden, Gloria Swanson (110min) (Paramount/Out of Library)

4:00pm: White Heat (1949): James Cagney, Virginia Mayo (114min) (Warner Bros.)

6:00pm: Sorry, Wrong Number (1948): Barbra Stanwyckm Burt Lancaster (89min)

Misc Shorts

7:30pm: Stop Look and Listen (1967): Chuck Menville, Len Janson (10min) (MGM)

7:40pm: Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor (1953): Johnny Green (9min) (MGM)

7:50pm: Swing High (1932): The Flying Codonas, Pete Smith (10min) (MGM

Eleanor Boardman

8:00pm: The Crowd (1928): Eleanor Boardman, James Murray (104min) (MGM)

10:00pm: The Day of Faith (1923): Eleanor Boardman, Tyrone Power Sr. (70min) (Goldwyn Pictures Corporation)

11:15pm: She Goes to War (1929): Eleanor Boardman, John Holland (87min) (Warner BRos.)

12:45am: The Squaw Man (1931): Warner Baxter, Elanor BOrdman (107min) (MGM)


Rock N' Roll

2:45am: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978): The Bee-Gees, Steve Martin (MGM) (TCM Premier) (113min)

4:45am: The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976): David Bowie, Rip Torn (139min) (Columbia) (TCM Premier


Saturday November 7th

Horror Classics

7:15am: Frankenstein (1931): Boris Karloff, Colin Clive (71min) (Universal/Out of Library)

8:30am: Pit and the Pendulum (1961): Vincet Price, John Kerr (80min) (MGM)

10:00am: Poltergeist (1982): Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams (114min) (MGM)

Sci-Fi Classics

12:00pm: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood (141min) (MGM)

2:30pm: 2010 (1984): Roy Scheider, John Lithgow (116min) (MGM)

4:30pm: Soylent Green (1973): Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young (97min) (MGM)

6:30pm: The War of the Worlds (1953): Gene Barry, Ann Robinson (85min)

The Essentialls: Womanizers

8:00pm: What's New Pussycat?: Peter Sellers, Peter O' Toole (108min) (MGM)

10:00pm: The World of Henry Orient (1964): Peter Sellers, Angela Lansbury (106min) (MGM)

12:00am: Pillow Talk (1959): Rock Hudson, Doris Day (102min) (Universal/Out of Library)

2:00am: Goldfinger (1964): Sean Connery, Honor Blackman (112min) (United Artists)

4:00am: The Tender Trap (1955): Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds (111min) (MGM)


Theme Of the Month Death - A Pleasant Little Subject that comes across in a lot of my favorite motion pictures.


Star Of The month Pairs - I had Much More Pairs in mind. Such as Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Tracy and Hepburn, Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, Olson & Johnson, Wheeler & Woolsey, The Ritz Brothers, Etc.


I Tried to showcase their amazing library with this schedule.


Message was edited by: Moviebuffer12

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As this week is slowly coming to an end, I wanted to remind everyone that it's not too late to join the Challenge.


Remember, TCMProgrammr reads these threads and has used the ideas in past Challenge schedules as part of the programming.


Here's your chance to be heard!

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Another week is beginning, so if you haven't committed to the latest TCM Challenge, now is the time.


This is a wonderful way to get a feel for the creativity that goes into the actual programming of the channel.


Also, TCMProgrammr follows these Challenges and has used ideas from past Challenges in the day-to-day programming of the Challenge.


We have had one schedule posted so far.


No matter if you are a previous Challenger or a newbie, the rules are listed on the first post of this thread.


So Come On In and Join the Fun!

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Number 2!


For the Week of November 2-8, 2008


Sunday November 2nd


Kicking off the Week With Louis Armstrong

6:00 am - Pennies From Heaven (1936) - Bing Crosby - Columbia - 80 min

7:30 am - High Society (1956) - Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra - MGM - 111 min.

9:30 am - A Song is Born (1948) - Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo - Goldwyn - 113 min.

11:30 am - New Orleans (1947) - Louis Armstrong, Billie Holliday - 90 min.


Put Some Clothes On!

1:15 pm - The Naked Edge (1961) - Gary Cooper, Deborah Kerr - UA - 97 min.

3:00 pm - The Naked Street (1955) - Farley Granger, Anthony Quinn - UA - 84 min.

4:30 pm - The Naked Kiss (1964) - Constance Towers - ps/Allied - 91 min.

6:15 pm - Go Naked in the World (1961) - Gina Lollabridga, Anthony Franciosa - MGM - 103 min.


Southern Comfort:

8:00 pm - God's Little Acre (1958) - Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray - UA - 118 min.

10:15 pm - Baby Doll (1956) - Karl Malden, Caroll Baker - 114 min - ps/WB


Silent Sunday

12:15 am - Sadie Thompson (1928) - Gloria Swanson - pre-'50 UA - 97 min.


Marlene Dietrich Double Feature

TCM Import

2:00 am - Sch?ner Gigolo, armer Gigolo (1979) - David Bowie, Marlene Dietrich - UA Classics - 147 min.


4:30 am - Seven Sinners (1940) - Marlene Dietrich, John Wayne - ps/Universal - 87 min.


Monday November 3rd


A Tale of Two Leslies

Leslie Caron

6:00 am - The Man With a Cloak (1951) - Joseph Cotten, Barbara Stanwyck - MGM - 84 min.

7:30 am - Lili (1953) - Mel Ferrer - MGM - 81 min.


Joan Leslie

9:00 am - Born to Be Bad (1950) - Robert Ryan, Joan Fontaine - RKO - 90 min.

10:45 am - The Sky's the Limit (1943) - Fred Astaire, Robert Benchley - RKO - 89 min.


I Love Oscar (Levant, that is)

12:30 pm - Rhapsody in Blue (1945) - Robert Alda, Joan Leslie - 135 min - WB

2:45 pm - Humoresque (1946) - Joan Crawford, John Garfield - WB - 125 min.

5:00 pm - Romance on the High Seas (1948) - Doris Day, Jack Carson - WB - 99 min.



6:45 pm - Great Performances: The Fred Astaire Songbook (1991) - ps/PBS - 65 min.


Movies That I Love

8:00 pm - The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) - Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers - 109 min - MGM

10:00 pm - An American In Paris (1951) - Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron - MGM - 113 min.

12:00 am - Elmer Gantry - Burt Lancaster, Jean Simmons - UA - 146 min.

2:45 am - The Wild Bunch (1969) - William Holden, Ernest Borgnine - ps/WB - 145 min.


5:25 am (approx) - MGM's 40th Anniversary Celebration (1964) - 32 min.


Tuesday November 4th


NOT a second rate Gloria Grahme: An Audrey Totter Marathon

6:00 am - The Set-Up (1949) - Robert Ryan - 72 min - RKO

7:15 am - The Lady in the Lake (1947) - Robert Montgomery - MGM - 105 min.

9:15 am - Man in the Dark (1953) - Edmond O'Brien - 70 min.

10:30 am - The Blue Veil (1951) - Jane Wyman, Joan Blondell - 113 min - RKO


Martin Balsam's 89th Birthday

12:30 pm - Cape Fear (1962) - Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum - 105 min - ps/Universal

2:30 pm - The Bedford Incident (1965) - Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier - 102 min. - Columbia

4:15 pm - Ada (1961) - Susan Hayward, Dean Martin - 109 min - MGM

6:15 pm - The Anderson Tapes (1971) - Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon - 95 min. - Columbia



Going Out on a High Note: Final Performances to be Proud Of

8:00 pm - Mister Roberts (1955) - William Powell - ps/WB - 123 min.

10:15 pm - The Iceman Cometh (1973) - TCM Premiere - Robert Ryan and Fredric March - American Film Theater - 239 min.

2:30 am - Witness For the Prosecution (1957) - Tyrone Power - ps/UA - 116 min.

4:30 am - Soylent Green (1973) - Edward G. Robinson - MGM - 97 min.


[/b]Wednesday November 5th[/b]


Not Just Scarlett O'Hara: Vivien Leigh's 95th Birthday

6:15 am - A Yank at Oxford (1938) - Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore - MGM - 102 min.

8:00 am - 21 Days (1940) - Laurence Olivier - 72 min - Columbia

9:15 am - Waterloo Bridge (1940) - Robert Taylor - 108 min - MGM

11:15 am - The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961) - Warren Beatty - ps/WB - 103 min.


Before The Odd Couple:

Tony Randall

1:00 pm - The Mating Game (1959) - Debbie Reynolds - MGM - 96 min.

2:45 pm - Send Me No Flowers (1964) - Doris Day, Rock Hudson - ps/Universal - 100 min.


Jack Klugman

4:30 pm - 12 Angry Men - Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb - 96 min - UA

6:15 pm - The Split (1968) - Jim Brown, Ernest Borgnine - 91 min - MGM


TCM Spotlight on: Vignettes

8:00 pm - Flesh and Fantasy (1943) - TCM Premiere - Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck - Universal - 94 min.

9:45 pm - O. Henry's Full House (1952) - TCM Premiere - Farley Granger, Jeanne Crain - 20th Century Fox - 117 min.

12:00 am - Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993) - Goldwyn - 98 min.

1:45 am - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (*But Were Afraid to Ask) (1972) - Woody Allen, Gene Wilder - UA - 87 min.

3:15 am - It's a Big Country (1951) - Gary Cooper, Gene Kelly - MGM - 89 min.

4:45 am - Tell No Tales (1939) - Melvyn Douglas - MGM - 69 min.


Thursday November 6th


Too Hot for the Big Screen:

6:00 am - King's Row (1942) - Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings - WB - 127 min

8:15 am - These Three (1936) - Miriam Hopkins, Joel McCrea - Goldwyn - 93 min.


Here's to Alcohol: The Cause of, and Solution to, All of Life's Problems:

10:00 am - Blotto (1930) - Laurel and Hardy - MGM - 26 min.

10:30 am - A Slight Case of Murder (1938) - Edward G. Robinson, Allen Jenkins - WB - 85 min.

12:00 pm - Papa's Delicate Condition (1963) - Jackie Gleason, Glynis Johns - ps/Paramount - 98 min.

1:45 pm - The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969) - Anthony Quinn - UA - 139 min.


Arthur Miller:

4:15 pm - All My Sons (1948) - Edward G. Robinson, Burt Lancaster - ps/Universal - 95 min.

6:00 pm - Death of a Salesman (1951) - Fredric March, Mildred Dunnock - Columbia - 115 min.


Star of the Month: Fredric March

30's Romances

8:00 pm - Design For Living (1933) - TCM Premiere - March, Gary Cooper - Paramount - 91 min.

9:45 pm - Death Takes a Holiday (1934) - March, Evelyn Venable - ps/Paramount - 79 min.

11:15 pm - A Star is Born (1937) - March, Janet Gaynor - ps/Selznick - 111 min.

1:15 am - Smilin' Through (1932) - March, Norma Shearer - MGM - 98 min.


More Norma - and Fredric's Wife, Florence Eldridge:

3:00 am - The Divorcee (1930) - Norma Shearer, Chester Morris - MGM - 82 min.

4:30 am - Irving Thalberg: Prince of Hollywood (2005) - Turner Ent. - 75 min.

5:50 am (approx) - Short: The Christmas Party (1931) - Jackie Cooper, Norma Shearer - MGM - 9 min.


Friday November 7th


They Married This Day in 1951: Gardner and Sinatra

6:00 am - Show Boat (1951) - Ava Gardner, Howard Keel - MGM - 107 min.

8:00 am - Double Dynamite (1951) - Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra - RKO - 80 min


We Do It In Style:

9:30 am - In the French Style (1963) - Jean Seberg - Columbia - 105 min.

10:50 am (approx) - Short: Swing Styles (1939) - WB - 10 min.

11:30 am - Divorce, American Style (1967) - Dick Van Dyke, Debbie Reynolds - Columbia - 109 min.

1:30 pm - Divorce, Italian Style (1961) - Marcello Mastroianni - ps/Embassy - 105 min.


3:20 pm (approx) - Short - Traveltalk: Glimpses of California - MGM - 10 min.


Four Kim Novaks' Are Better Than Two:

3:30 pm - The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968) - Peter Finch - MGM - 130 min.

5:45 pm - Vertigo (1958) - James Stewart - ps/Paramount - 129 min.



My Rich Fantasy Life

8:00 pm - Harvey (1950) - James Stewart - ps/Universal - 104 min

10:00 pm - They Might Be Giants (1971) - TCM Premiere - George C. Scott, Joanne Woodward - Universal - 98 min.

11:45 pm - Man of La Mancha (1972) - Peter O'Toole, Sophia Loren - UA - 132 min.


TCM Underground: Mother, Mother

2:00 am - Picture Mommy Dead (1966) - Don Ameche, Martha Hyer - Embassy - 88 min.

3:45 am - Mommie Dearest (1981) - Faye Dunaway - Paramount - 129 min.


Saturday November 8th


On the Radio:

6:00 am - Professional Sweetheart (1933) - Ginger Rogers - RKO - 73 min

7:15 am - Page Miss Glory (1935) - Marion Davies, Pat O'Brien - WB - 93 min.

9:00 am - Remote Control (1930) - William Haines - MGM - 65 min.

10:15 am - Broadway Gondolier (1935) - Dick Powell, Joan Blondell - WB - 99 min.


One Word "Modern" Musicals

12:00 pm - Gypsy (1962) - Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood - ps/WB - 143 min.

2:30 pm - Grease (1978) - John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John - ps/Paramount - 110 min.

4:30 pm - Annie (1982) - Albert Finney, Carol Burnett - Columbia - 127 min.


An Earlier Version:

6:45 pm - Little Orphan Annie (1932) - Mitzi Green, Buster Phelps - RKO - 70 min.


Heavenly Bodies

TCM Essential: 8:00 pm - Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) - Robert Montgomery, Evelyn Keyes - Columbia - 94 min.

9:45 pm - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) - TCM Premiere - Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison - 20th Century Fox - 104 min.

11:45 pm - Blithe Spirit (1945) - TCM Premiere - 96 min - Rex Harrison - 96 min - pre-1950 UA

1:30 am - A Matter of Life and Death (1946) - David Niven, Kim Hunter - ps/Archers - 104 min

3:30 am - Between Two Worlds (1944) - John Garfield, Paul Henried - 112 min. - WB


5:30 am - Short: Swingtime in the Movies (1938) - John Garfield - WB - 20 min.

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I wish I were one of those people who could write things short and sweet. Alas, I'm not.


Notes for TCM Challenge: Love Potion No. 9.


A few notes highlighting the week:


1. My choice for Star of the Month was immediate: Fredric March. Over the past year, I've seen quite a few of his movies and I'm amazed that he's not better known today. He's a tremendous actor. I would love to see TCM spotlight him as Star of the Month or give him a day during Summer Under the Stars. For my schedule, I focused on his 30's Romances, which allowed me to premiere Ernst Lubitsch's "Design For Living", which also stars Gary Cooper and Miriam Hopkins.


2. For the monthly "TCM Spotlight", I decided to give attention to "Vignette Movies": ones that are sectioned off into segments. I got the idea when TCM showed the W. Somerset Maugham films ("Quartet", "Trio" and "Encore") and when I looked around, I was surprised to find how many films have this theme. I chose to premiere two of them: 1943's supernatural drama, "Flesh and Fantasy", which features an all-star cast (Edward G. Robinson, Charles Boyer, Barbara Stanwyck) and "O. Henry's Full House" (1952), Fox's all-star answer to the Maugham movies. The latter I've seen, the former I have not (don't go looking for it on Amazon--you'll get a whole bunch of fun, adult titles instead).


3. For another nightly theme, I chose good films with a particular actor's final performance. This gave me a chance to premiere 1973's American Film Theater's production of "The Iceman Cometh". I've never seen any of these films on any cable channel, but it's definitely TCM worthy. It features a great performance by Lee Marvin and the final roles of Fredric March and Robert Ryan, who were both terminally ill during the filming. It's heartbreaking to watch Robert Ryan play someone who's dying when he was dying in real life. It's haunting.


4. For my Underground selections, I chose a "Mother, Mother" theme. "Picture Mommy Dead" is one of those 60's-era shock films featuring Golden Era movie stars (Don Ameche and Martha Hyer). It's about a teenage girl who is released from an asylum, only to find out that her father has remarried. She starts having hallucinations, while her new stepmother and her old lover are plotting to kill her and her father. The other Underground selection is the camp classic, "Mommie Dearest", which was my favorite movie as a child. No, I'm not kidding. I thought it was such a glamourous movie! That opening scene where Faye Dunaway gets ready for the day mesmerized me. I also used to run around the house screaming, "Tina, get me the axe!" and "No. More. Wire. Hangers. EVER!" while brandishing said hanger. I was a weird kid.


5. I chose to do an "Before The Odd Couple" theme featuring movies with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman because I am completely addicted to the tv show. I got the dvd's for Christmas and my mom and I burned through Seasons 1-3 in a week and a half. I am impatiently waiting for seasons 4 and 5. I am going in withdrawal, people.


6. And last but not least, for the "Movies I Love" rule, I didn't go with a specific theme. I just chose 4 movies that I really love and if stranded on a desert island, I could watch over and over again until help arrived. I also tried to choose movies I haven't used in a challenge before and succeeded with the exception of one.


I know "The Barkleys of Broadway" isn't usually chosen as a favorite Fred and Ginger movie by most people, but it's one of mine. To be specific, it's my second favorite. My favorite musicals usually are MGM/Freed Unit productions, so it's a treat to see Fred and Ginger in one--and in color! A lot of my love has to do with the casting of my favorite hypochondriac, neurotic, smart-assed piano player, Oscar Levant. His character is dark compared to the usual sunny types one finds in a MGM/Freed Unit musical. And of course, I love the dance numbers: "My One and Only Highland Fling", "Swing Trot", "Weekend in the Country" and the reprise of "They Can't Take That Away From Me." It's a beautiful number and while it sounds cliche, watching it brings tears to my eyes. And I almost forgot to mention the "Shoes With Wings On" number! It's so much fun to watch.


I chose "An American in Paris" because I think it's one of the most beautiful movies ever made. The whole production has a sense of melancholy throughout--even the colors seem to be muted. The casting is great (again with the Oscar Levant!) and there's one scene in it that breaks my heart every time I watch it (no, I'm not going to say which one). And of course, the dance numbers are terrific. I love the "Rah-rah-sis-boom-bah!" line in "Tra-La-La", watching Gene Kelly with the kids in "I've Got Rhythm" and Georges Guetary's "Stairway to Paradise". But it's really the 18 minute ballet that puts it over the top. It's just beautiful. The first time I saw this movie, I had a mild case of food poisoning, so I wasn't that impressed. But the second time? I just fell in love with it. There are so many fantastic moments (the part with the George M. Cohen style of dancing, the Toulouse-Lautrec painting come to life and the scene where Gene and Leslie Caron stand as one person--but it's the final scene where Gene holds the rose that gets me every time.


"Elmer Gantry" is a film I used in my first challenge, but I had to use it again. This isn't a film that one normally watches to cheer themselves up--but it's one of mine. If you've noticed in my past schedules, I usually note my (brace yourselves) love for Arthur Kennedy. And this is the film that made me fall in love with him. Wholeheartedly and unabashed. Yes, Burt Lancaster is perfect as Gantry and Jean Simmons (a really underrated actress, IMO) is wonderful as Sister Sharon, but it was Arthur Kennedy that stole the show for me. His Jim Lefferts is cynical and skeptical to the religious going-ons that surround him, but he knows how to be a decent human being when Sister Sharon's office is trashed and in his little talks with Gantry. It's a great performance. The movie differs radically from the book, but it doesn't bother me. It's one of the best book-to-film adaption I've seen. And the fire at the end! What a spectacle.


"The Wild Bunch" is another film that made me fall in love with another actor--this time, Robert Ryan. I don't know how I managed to ignore his work for so long, but his portrayal of Deke Thorton is amazing. He's working with the railroad, but he longs to be back with his old gang. I never cared for William Holden until I saw this. And I know a lot of people say that "Marty" is Ernest Borgnine's best performance, but I think his Dutch is the best. There's that scene where he's sitting outside, whittling a stick--and the look on his face says more about his character than any words could. The movie as a whole is beyond amazing--it's hands down, my favorite western. There are so many great scenes: the opening credits, the bridge, the final walk to the incredibly violent showdown (which I LOVE. I'm not sure what that says about me). The idea that these guys stick together until the end, fight for each other and then die for each other--it's just an exciting movie to watch.

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Great schedule. You scared me though. I picked the same week!! So far I haven't duplicated anything which means I don't have to remake any part of the schedule. On the other it means I must not be doing something right. (The Vignette Spotlight is grand.)


Good job. Glad you are back and working hard.

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A new 'sugarpuss' Challenge schedule. That's always like getting a valentine.


You always pick such a fun films to premiere and interesting theme ideas. Like 'movieman1957' said, the "Vignette" idea is great. Thank you for remembering Martin Balsam on his birthday. (Maybe you can get his daughter Thalia to host the evening.) And of course this bartender has a soft spot for the Hard Spirits on your schedule - but I love the inclusion of Blithe Spirit.


I think TCM has shown only one "American Film Theater" production in the past - Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance with Katharine Hepburn and Paul Scofield. (Wonderful film.) I'd love to see Stacy Keach's Luther without commercials on TCM someday.


And I promise to keep your crush on Murray The Cop a secret.


Well done, Ms. O'Shea.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Movieman, what is they say about great minds? What's funny is that I went through hell and high water trying to figure out a week and that was my last choice (I was going to do May, but figured that real schedule would be out in a few weeks). I eagerly await yours now, even more so than usual. I can't wait to see what themes you picked out.


Thank you for your kind words. I kind of miss being around these parts.


As for you, Kyle...A new 'sugarpuss' Challenge schedule. That's always like getting a valentine.


I will shoot my arrow, but trust me. I have lousy aim. It would be best to duck underneath a table and shield yourself with something nice and protective.


If I had the night time slot open, I would have done a longer b-day tribute to Martin Balsam. I want to see "The Anderson Tapes"! He's supposed to play this really flamboyant character. I'm dying to see it just for him. I would have also included "The Taking of Pelham 123" and maybe reused "Catch-22". His idiotic Col. Cathcart in that was my first movie character crush. Rawr!


And I promise to keep your crush on Murray The Cop a secret.


Okay, I'll totally admit to my Charles Grodin crush, but you ain't getting me with Murray the Cop! No way! I'm more of an Oscar Madison girl anyway. So there! *sticks out tongue*


I can't wait to see everyone else's schedules! For me, the "Movies I Love" lineup will be the most interesting, because I think it says a lot about a person's taste.

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Moviebuffer, I like your schedule! I'm really happy to see your lineup of Rip Torn movies. He's always interesting to watch, although I admit when I first saw him in a classic--I didn't realize it was him!


And three Astaire/Rogers movies in a row. I know what I'd be watching that night!


I can't believe it took you 20 minutes to come up with yours! I was torturing myself and having nightmare about combing through IMDB for movie running times. I envy your mind!

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Sunday ? Nov. 2


?Worth Getting Up For?

6:00am ? That?s Entertainment ? 1974 ? Fred Astaire ? 132m ? MGM

8:15am ? Summer Stock ? 1950 ? Gene Kelly ? 109m ? MGM

10:00am ? The Band Wagon ? 1953 ? Fred Astaire ? 112m ? MGM



12:00pm ? Here Comes Mr. Jordan ? 1941 ? Robert Montgomery ? 93m ? Col.

1:45pm ? Cabin In The Sky ? 1943 ? Ethel Waters ? 98m ? MGM

3:30pm ? Angels In The Outfield ? 1951 ? Paul Douglas ? 99m ? MGM

5:30pm ? A Guy Named Joe ? 1944 ? Spencer Tracy ? 121m ? MGM


7:35pm ? Heavenly Music ? 1943 ? Short ? 22m ? MGM


?By Tennessee Williams?

8:00pm ? The Rose Tattoo ? 1956 ? Burt Lancaster ? 117m ? Paramount ? PS

10:00pm ? The Glass Menagerie ? 1950 ? Kirk Douglas ? 106m ? WB ? Premiere


?Silent Sunday Nights?

Midnight ? Rosita ? 1923 ? Mary Pickford ? 117m ? UA


?TCM Imports?

2:00am ? I Live In Fear ? 1955 ? Dir: Kurosawa ? 113m


4:00am ? The Magnificent Seven ? 1960 ? Yul Brynner ? 128m ? UA


Monday Nov. 3


?Snap Shots?

6:15am ? Don?t Fence Me In ? 1945 ? Roy Rogers ? 71m ? Republic ? PS

7:30am ? Funny Face ? 1957 ? Audrey Hepburn ? 103m ? Paramount ? PS

9:30am ? Picture Snatcher ? 1933 ? James Cagney ? 75m ? WB

11:00am ? Murder In Greenwich Village ? 1937 ? Richard Arlen ? 68m ? Col.


?Birthday Salute To John Barry?

12:30pm ? S?ance On A Wet Afternoon ? 1964 - Kim Stanley ? 115m ? PS

2:30pm ? Somewhere In Time ? 1980 ? Christopher Reeve ? 104m ? Uni ? PS

4:30pm ? Born Free ? 1966 ? Virginia McKenna ? 95m ? Columbia

6:15pm ? The Quiller Memorandum ? 1966 ? George Segal ? 105m ? Fox ? PS



8:00pm ? Abandon Ship ? 1957 ? Tyrone Power ? 100m ? Col.

10:00pm ? Dante?s Inferno ? 1935 ? Spencer Tracy ? 90m ? Fox ? Premiere

11:30pm ? Juggernaut ? 1974 ? Richard Harris ? 109m ? UA

1:30am ? Monkey Business ? 1931 ? Marx Bros. ? 78m ? Paramount ? PS

3:00am ? We?re Not Dressing ? 1934 ? Bing Crosby ? 80m ? Paramount ? PS

4:30am ? Love Affair ? 1939 - Irene Dunne - 85m ? RKO


Tuesday Nov. 4



6:00am ? DOA ? 1950 ? Edmund O?Brien ? 83m ? UA

7:30am ? Background To Danger ? 1943 - George Raft ? 80m ? WB

9:00am ? Dangerous Mission ? 1954 ? Victor Mature ? 75m ?RKO

10:30am ? Saboteur ? 1942 ? Robert Cummings ? 108m ? Uni ? PS



12:30pm ? Seven Days in May ? 1964 ? Burt Lancaster ? 120m ? Paramount ? PS

2:45pm ? Tennessee Johnson ? 1942 ? Van Heflin ? 100m ? MGM

4:45pm ? Wilson ? 1945 ? Alexander Knox ? 158m ? Fox ? Premiere


7:40pm ? Teddy The Rough-Rider ? 1940 ? 19m ? Vitaphone


?Election Night?

8:00pm ? The Great Man Votes ? 1939 ? John Barrymore ? 72m ? RKO

9:15pm ? The Last Hurrah ? 1958 ? Spencer Tracy ? 122m ? Col.

11:30pm ? A Lion Is In The Streets ? 1953 ? James Cagney ? 88m ? WB ? Premiere

1:00am ? The Best Man ? 1964 ? Henry Fonda ? 102m ? UA

3:00am ? Gabriel Over The White House ? 1933 ? Walter Huston ? 87m ? MGM

4:30am ? The Great McGinty ? 1940 ? Brian Donlevy ? 83m ? Paramount ? PS


Wednesday ? Nov. 5


?Birthday Salute to Joel McCrea?

6:00am ? The Most Dangerous Game ? 1932 ? 63m ? RKO

7:15am ? Stars In My Crown ? 1950 ? 90m ? MGM

9:00am ? Primrose Path ? 1940 ? Ginger Rogers ? 93m ? RKO

10:45am ? The More The Merrier ? 1943 ? Jean Arthur ? 101m ? Col.

12:30pm ? The Silver Horde ? 1930 ? Jean Arthur ? 76m ? RKO

2:00pm ? Trooper Hook ? 1957 ? 82m ? UA

3:30pm ? Colorado Territory ? 1948 ? 94m ? WB

5:30pm ? Union Pacific ? 1939 ? B. Stanwyck ? 135m ? Paramount ? Premiere


?Before Their Time?

8:00pm ? Twentieth Century ? 1934 ? Carole Lombard ? 91m ? Col.

9:45pm ? Riffraff ? 1936 ? Jean Harlow ? 94m ? MGM

11:30pm ? Nobody Lives Forever ? 1946 ? John Garfield ? 100m ? WB

1:30am ? The Eagle ? 1925 ? Valentino ? 72m ? UA ? PS

2:45am ? Night Passage ? 1957 ? Brandon de Wilde ? 90m ? Uni ? PS

4:30am ? Seven Men From Now ? 1956 ? Gail Russell ? 78m ? WB ? PS


Thursday, Nov. 6


?A Big Day?

6:00am ? The Big Heat ? 1953 ? Glenn Ford ? 89m ? Col.

7:30am ? The Big Street ? 1942 ? Henry Fonda ? 88m ? RKO

9:00am ? Big House USA ? 1955 ? Broderick Crawford ? 82m ? UA

10:30am ? The Big Shot ? 1942 ? H. Bogart ? 82m ? WB


?Seeing Red?

12:00pm ? The Red Danube ? 1949 ? Walter Pidgeon ? 119m ? MGM

2:00pm ? The Bride Wore Red ? 1937 ? Joan Crawford ? 103m ? MGM

4:00pm ? The Red Pony ? 1949 ? Myrna Loy ? 89m ? Republic ? PS

5:45pm ? The Fuller Brush Man ? 1948 ? Red Skelton ? 93m ? Col.


7:30pm ? Festival of Shorts


?Star of The Month ? Edward G. Robinson?

8:00pm ? Nightmare ? 1956 ? Kevin McCarthy ? 89m ? UA

9:30pm ? The Cincinnati Kid ? 1965 ? Steve McQueen ? 113m - MGM

11:30pm ? The Whole Town?s Talking ? 1935 ? Jean Arthur ? Col.

1:15am ? Vice Squad ? 1953 ? 88m ? UA

2:45am ? Destroyer ? 1943 ? 99m ? Col.

4:45am ? Edward G. Robinson ? Little Big Man ? 1996 ? Doc. ? 60m


Friday, Nov. 7



6:00am ? Phffft ? 1954 ? Jack Lemmon ? 88m ? Col.

7:30am ? Pack Up Your Troubles ? 1932 ? Laurel & Hardy ? 68m - Roach

8:40am One Good Turn ?1931 ? 20m ? Roach

9:00am ? Brother Rat ? 1938 ? Priscilla Lane ? 90m ? WB

10:35am ? Sing, Sister, Sing ? 1934 ? Todd/Kelly ? 20m ? Roach

11:00am ? Walk, Don?t Run ? 1966 ? Cary Grant ? 114m ? Col.


?It?s Twue, It's Twue?

1:00pm ? Inherit The Wind ? 1960 ? Spencer Tracy ? 128m ? UA

3:15pm ? Ace In The Hole ? 1951 ? Kirk Douglas ? 111m ? Paramount ? PS

5:30pm ? In Which We Serve ? 1942 ? Noel Coward ? 115m ? Two Cities ? PS


7:30pm ? Cartoon Alley


?Stage and Screen?

8:00pm ? The Farmer Takes A Wife ? 1935 ? Henry Fonda ? 94m ? Fox ? Premiere

10:00pm ? The Cocoanuts ? 1929 ? The Marx Bros. ? 96m ? Paramount ? PS

12:00am ? A Thousand Clowns ? 1965 ? Jason Robards ? 118m ? UA


?TCM Underground?

2:00am ? The Undead ? 1957 ? Pamela Duncan ? 75m ? Balboa


3:30am ? Yankee Doodle Dandy ? 1942 ? James Cagney ? 126m ? WB


Saturday, Nov. 8


?A Pirate?s Life?

6:00am ? Barbary Pirate ? 1949 ? Donald Woods ? 64m ? Col.

7:15am ? Prince of Pirates ? 1953 ? John Derek ? 80m ? Col.

8:45am ? Capt. Blood ? 1935 ? Errol Flynn ? 119m ? WB

11:00am ? The Pirate ? 1948 ? Gene Kelly ? 102m ? MGM


?So Young?

1:00pm ? Ah, Wilderness ? 1936 ? Mickey Rooney ? 98m ? MGM

2:45pm ? Spirit of Culver ? 1939 ? F. Bartholomew ? Uni ? Premiere

4:15pm ? Never A Dull Moment ? 1950 ? Natalie Wood ? 89m ? RKO

6:00pm ? These Wise Fools ? 1946 ? Margaret O?Brien ? 90m ? MGM


7:30pm ? Festival of Shorts


?They?re Mine, All Mine.? Movies I Love.

8:00pm ? The Essentials ? Seven Chances ? 1925 ? Buster Keaton ? 60m ? MGM

9:15pm ? Jubal ? 1956 ? Glenn Ford ? 101m ? Col.

11:15pm ? A Hard Day?s Night ? 1964 ? The Beatles ? 85m ? UA

12:45am ? You Can?t Take It With You ? 1938 ? James Stewart ? 126m ? Col

3:00am ? A Lady Takes A Chance ? 1943 ? John Wayne ? 86m ? RKO

4:30am - Wagon Master -1950 ? Ben Johnson ? 80m - RKO



The End

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Some brief notes.


Not much for Sunday. Monday my favorite film composer John Barry gets a birthday tribute.


Tuesday this year is election day so I had a day for Presidents and elections.


Wednesday it's Joel McCrea. I like him more and more. He was my SOTM a few challenges ago but I get different movies to schedule.


"Before Their Time" is a night for those who died too soon.


Thursday gets to be SOTM Edward G. Robinson night.


Friday on "Stage and Screen" it's stars who played the same role in both places.


Saturday morning is in honor of my son's recent triumphal performance as an extra pirate in his community college's production of "Pirates of Penzance." (Way to go Ian.)


Saturday afternoon is a cluster of films for child stars. Saturday night is a hodge podge of favorite films and less well known films that people might enjoy.


I know the times are bound to be wrong somewhere in there. I may have to add a short here or there but I got it on here.


I may come back and add things as it comes to me but that's it for now.



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