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R2D2 and 3PO


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Hi All,


I don't know whether Mr. Osborne will see this, but I'd be very interested in his reaction.


I happen to be a fairly regular watcher of TCM movies. I left the TV on after seeing The Time Machine today, and the Black Hole came on. Although I wasn't really watching it, I happened to see two robots in the movie, who reminded me very strongly of R2D2 and 3P0 of Star Wars. They even had personalities not too dissimilar from our Star Wars friends, and talked in a similar manner.


Does this mean Steven Spielberg plagiarized the two characters?


Has anyone else seen the Black Hole and what do you all think?

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I saw the Black Hole when it was originally released and I was much younger. Audience reaction was not very kind as I recall.


The Black Hole was released in 1979, two years after the original Star Wars was released.


It was George Lucas, by the way, who wrote and directed the original Star Wars, not Steven Spielberg. Lucas has long said that he got the idea for R2D2 and 3PO from Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. In that film are two bickering thieves who are traveling together.


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"The Black Hole" is 1 of my favorite Disney films! & to answer your question,

"The Black Hole" was widely regarded as Disney's answer to Star Wars!!

I personally own a copy of the film on DVD, & I remember seeing it when it 1st came to theaters as a kid, & owning all "The Black Hole" toys!!


More info on the film:



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Hi, Zaafar. lzcutter has already dealt with the origin of R2D2 and C3PO. If I recall correctly, The Black Hole was actually in production well before the release of Star Wars. I think the robots are more in the tradition of cute Disney sidekicks that date at least as far back as Thumper than they are cribs from Star Wars.



Terry Wallace


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