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Cable Networks that ABANDONED their Original Format


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American Movie Classics (AMC) was originally a classic movie channel.


Music Television (MTV) was originally a music channel.


Music Television 2 (MTV2) was originally a music channel.


Video Hits One (VH1) was originally a music channel.


Video Hits One (VH1) Classic was originally a retro music channel.


Fuse TV was originally a music channel.


Arts and Entertainment (A&E) was originally a fine arts channel.


Bravo was originally a fine arts channel.


Fox Extended Networks (FX) was originally an "interactive" channel.


Sci-Fi Channel was originally a sci-fi channel.


Turner Network Television (TNT) was originally a drama channel.


TV Land was originally a classic TV show channel.


Cartoon Network was originally a cartoon network.


Disney Channel was originally a Disney channel.


Toon Disney was originally a Disney cartoon channel.


Nickelodeon was originally a children's channel.


Nicktoons Network was originally a Nicktoons network.


ABC Family was originally a family channel.


G4 was originally a video game network.


Spike TV was originally a country music channel.


WE: Women's Entertainment was originally a commercial-free movie channel.


Lifetime Television was originally a women's entertainment and health channel.


Black Entertainment Television (BET) was originally a quality Black entertainment channel.


The Learning Channel (TLC) was originally a learning channel.


Discovery Channel was originally a learning channel.


Discovery Health Channel was originally a health channel.


Investigation Discovery (ID) was originally a news and human interest stories channel.


Independent Film Channel (IFC) was originally an independent film channel.


Sundance Channel was originally a Sundance Channel.


Playboy TV was originally a VERY "softcore" network.


Fox News Channel was originally a news channel.


Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) was originally a consumer news and business channel.


MSNBC was originally a news channel.


Versus was originally an outdoor life network.


TCM, please don't ever change!


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Message was edited by: Metropolisforever

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Everything you up for all the stations looks good in fact I didn't know a lot of the evolutions of most of the stations, however, there is one I do know about.

G4 ; G4 started out as ZDTV owned by Ziff-Davis publishing comp. Eventually it was sold to Paul Allan and his Vulcan Ventures, renamed Tech TV, several formats were tried and it was eventually sold to Comcast cable and now only show thats still on for original Tech TV is" Attack of the Show" how, which is "Screen Savers" dumbed down and made junivuial and stupid. Today I don't watch it at all.. In its prime as Tech TV, It was a place o watch and learn about computers and tech in a friendly easy way. Its gone now..... :(

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>Didn't The Nashville Network (TNN) morph into Spike TV?


Yes. It was originally The Nashville Network, and was later renamed The National Network. It was purchased by Viacom and relaunched as Spike TV.


G4 was merged with TechTV to become "G4TechTV". Although, it is now known as G4. TechTV is defunct now.


List of classic movie channels:


Turner Classic Movies (TCM)

Film Fest HD (Only available on Dish Network and Cablevision)

Fox Movie Channel

MGM Channel



List of FORMER classic movie channels:


American Movie Classics (AMC)

WE: Women's Entertainment (Formerly known as "Romance Classics")

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Whether we like it or not changes are just part of the business. The channels listed and their changes were done simply because it was good for the company, not the viewers. The only people that are important to these big companies are the stockholders and the only thing that's important to them is seeing the the value of their stock go up. It's all about money folks. Simple as that.

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The Nostalgia Channel had old movies, sometimes with poor prints and sometimes with good prints. There were also shorts, Star Clips (brief star biographies), soundies, newsreels, trailers, intermission promos, and some early TV commercials. Our cable provider dropped The Nostalgia Channel in favor of AMC in 1990. The Nostalgia Channel later became the American Life network that currently runs older TV series.


Tempo showed some old movies, sometimes without commercials, but the prints were often in poor condition, perhaps 16mm films scrounged from TV station libraries. Tempo was purchased by NBC who relaunched it as CNBC.


Several of our local broadcast stations showed older movies in the 1960s and 1970s, usually in the wee hours or on weekends.

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No kidding. What's happened to the History Channel? And A and E has lost both it's letters. It's neither Art or Entertaining! I hate how Biography has now gone over to the Biography channel (which I dont get) That was the only good show left on it..............

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The regular History Channel has become more of a pop culture channel than anything now (I dont have any of the others) I used to enjoy the documentaries they had on WW2 or older European history, but they are never shown. What gives?

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